Why FNAF 1 and 6 are the SCARIEST in the series | Review of Design

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When did the FNAF series stop being scary? Why were people eager to hop on board with the Finale? In this video I explain why the first and last games in this series use chance to create fear in the player and leave them in frantic disarray.

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Note: I apologize for my sick voice deciding to change octaves every once in a while still wanted to get this video out for you guys! I hope you enjoy it!
Fnaf 2-5 Footage from TheDarkKnight — TheVladimirMX:


Golden Freddy Footage:

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30 thoughts on “Why FNAF 1 and 6 are the SCARIEST in the series | Review of Design”

  1. Bull shit fnaf 4 was extremely popular and loved and one of the best in my opinion the most scary compared to 1 & 6

  2. To me the scariest game is fnaf 4,

    Because i have never been to a Chuck E. Cheese, and because I was younger, and so I thought they were in my house.
    And also because there are no cameras, and i don’t really have very good ears, so I don’t really hear anything.
    And plus the anamatronic designs are creepy

  3. There is no part i agree with. Making me want to stab myself, due to me turning everything off and looking down both vents for an hour, and then turning on one thing and immediately dying, does not mske it a better game.

  4. fnaf 4 and fnaf vr are more scarier then that are u trying to challenge them 😂

    Edit: Markiplier screams all the time in all of the fnaf games then PewDiePie

  5. I didn’t dislike Fnaf 6 due to boredom or repetitivity, but unfairness. I’ve been jumpscared at the beginning of the game so many times I’ve gotten annoyed. It stresses me more than scares me. I don’t see how unfairness is a good thing.

    Random chance does not make a good game. Uno and War are not the most popular games in the world are they?

  6. FNaF 1 and 6 are the only ones to make me a little scared and other games I become pewdiepie to.

    Also, if I used VR I would have peed…


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