Nothing brings the lols like whoopee cushions



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Thanks to Jack Kalvan for the Giant Whoopee Cushion he made and invented!
Zorb Ball used in this video from

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40 thoughts on “What Sound Does a GIANT WHOOPEE CUSHION Make?”

  1. In a sit down bathroom stall at a really nice restaurant and this guy walks in as I rip a humungous porcelain splitting fart. Well, I hear him stop for a second. He then opens the door to the stall next to mine, sits down and says, "player two has entered the game."

  2. So my best fart story……..i was in the back seat of a convertible going about 65mph…top down….it happened I farted and it stunk so bad the driver had to pull over and proceeded to vomit. The End!

  3. I love to get all cuddly with my misses then quickly whip the blankets over her and give her a good old Dutch oven 😂

  4. Fart story!
    Once I was in a stable and suddenly one horse started farting. But the funny thing is that the horse farted for at least 30 seconds. That's crazy!

  5. I was in class taking a test and it was pitch quite and I had to SNES so I did and I let a toot out and it was soo loud every one looked at me

  6. I was in a TaeKwonDo class when a kid next to me was trying to hold in a fart and also doing stuff that strained him enough to force it out against his will, he slowly let a a massive ripper a second at a time over twenty seconds or so, the instructor just stared him in the eyes and said, "control". A second later, the kid let out a good ol' three second rumbler.

  7. My fart story is i was laying in bed and my terrier Chihuahua mix wanted under the covers so i let her under and she decides to settle next to my butt right after that i let one rip that made her flinch then seconds later i hear a retching noise under the covers coming from my dog lets just say she doesnt like sleeping under the covers with me anymore

  8. It was just as my girlfriend and I hit around 4 months, and I had yet to fart in front of her. One night as I was leaving her house, I had been holding in a fart for hours. Typically she stands in her porch until I get to my car, but I swore I heard her shut the door. So… I let it rip. I mean it was LOUD. And I just hear "Austin…. what the hell?"


    one time I was playing piano and ripped a fart as hard as I could and the piano stool I was sitting on magnifies the sound so much that it becomes EXTREMELY LOUD. It terrified my sister

    Another time I was having a sleepover with my cousin. I thought I heard him say something, so I leaned over and said “jaimie, did you say something? Jaimie?”

    I then here him giggling in his sleep. I say one last “Jaimie?” and then he rips the loudest and nastiest fart I’ve ever heard in my life. Somehow he didn’t wake himself up.

  10. i was walking around the mall. i felt the need to pass gas…….so i stepped into a store that sold scented candles……passed gas and then walked out

  11. One lovely night I was having dinner with my parents and then I just farted in the middle of nothing and then my dad asked me what was that then wright after he asked me that he said oh a fart not funny at all and then me and my mom just started laughing 🤣


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