We Tried to Fight the ENDER DRAGON! – Minecraft Multiplayer Gameplay

We Tried to Fight the Ender Dragon in Minecraft Multiplayer Gameplay

Finding the End Portal in Minecraft and we attempt to fight the Ender Dragon but it was a complete fail! At least there was some funny moments with SpyCakes… Will we be successful on defeating the dragon in future episodes or will we continue with our pranks instead?

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About Minecraft:

Minecraft is a sandbox adventure & construction game with multiplayer! How will you build and explore in this open-world? You can build anything you want from a castle, wizard tower or whatever! Fun with friends and good for funny moments.

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24 thoughts on “We Tried to Fight the ENDER DRAGON! – Minecraft Multiplayer Gameplay”

  1. Attempting to destroy the ender dragon! We should bring pumpkins for next time. Do you have any tips for when we fight it?

  2. Use beds in the end put it near the dragon if you destroyed all the Things on the Top The beds expode on the end

  3. When spycakes wanted to find the dungeon:goes to the eye of ender and follow its path

    People:goes straight down

  4. Guys when you got a bottle and you see the purple stuff right click it with a bottle so you can capture it in a bottle good luck:)


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