WE ARE THE END GAME! | Stellaris 2.2 Multiplayer | Cutish Force! Finale

More Bromance, as we explore the new 2.2 update with the Megacorp expansion together! Will we be able to ‘bring cuteness’ to all in the galaxy?!?

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My thoughts on Stellaris…

Stellaris is A grand Strategy 4X Space Strategy game from the studio that brought us titles like Crusader Kings II. You manage an (hopefully) every growing empire with the intent to take over the galaxy and ‘secure’ your peoples freedom.

Blurb from the dev page…

Explore a vast galaxy full of wonder! Paradox Development Studio, makers of the Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis series presents Stellaris, an evolution of the grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core.

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20 thoughts on “WE ARE THE END GAME! | Stellaris 2.2 Multiplayer | Cutish Force! Finale”

  1. Hey great run, you should play the Stellaris mod New horizons as the four members of the federation that would be awsome

  2. Not an endgame crisis. With your game settings, the earliest an endgame crisis could trigger was after 2650 (end game year + 50) – and you had set victory year at 2650. Besides, with 0.5x crisis power, any crisis would have been absurdly trivial by 2650+. The current default settings, for the record, result in an endgame crisis trigger after 2450 at 1x strength (and of course at x1 tech).

    Honestly, at normal tech progress and at year 2450, the four of you showed more than enough competence to be able to tackle 2.0x in Admiral difficulty before with non optimal builds – and would possibly stand a chance against 3.0x of you gave it your all even with non optimal builds.

    So, here's the challenge, with no need for mods: You four, 1x tech speed, Mid-2300 Late-2400 Victory-2500, Admiral, 2.5x Crisis.
    But if you do want mods, here's another one: Lots of Traditions (Plentiful Traditions + Expanded Stellaris Traditions) / Expanded Ascension Perks to fully customize your evolutions as countries, and seriously power up. And Admiral / 4.0x Crisis. Everything else still normal 😉

  3. the grey tempest isnt an end game crises, its only like an end game crises if you arent prepared for it. you guys way over prepared for it and its 4 of you working together, also you guys only had the 1 Lgate in all your empires combined, if you all had 1-2 Lgates and had not quarantined terminal egress immediately you would have had a much harder time with it.

  4. I spilled my drink when I saw that AI science ship casually start surveying the Lgate system. Cheeky little scoundrel.

  5. As stated by other the L-Gate is an event not an end game crisis, it does count as a Galactic Crisis though. Every time i've opened one even on 2.2.3 i've had the L-Drakes pop through, which is always good, if i can grab them first.

  6. Might I suggest allowing the first crisis to come. Then what that is finished, manually triggering the rest in text console if Stellaris allows that in multiplayer by the host.

    Or, if you feel bold enough, maybe you can manually trigger all three crisis to be in the game at the same time. (Unbidden, Swarm, Contengency)

    Given how many lets plays of multiplayer stellaris you guys did, I think it would be fitting to have 3 endgame crisis occur before completing it, regardless of the victory score conditions & time.

  7. Good run guys… too bad the final battle caused Sabout's gpu to smoke so much the smoke alarm went off, but gg anyways! 😀

  8. The game should still have its three crises the unbiden the protheryn and last the contingency

    This is a event … It can be very dangerous or incredibly beneficial

    Jump drives make the unbiden more likely and ai encourages the contingency …. These are good tech and both are involved in assention perk based tech paths

  9. Personally, I'd rather see community empires again instead of mods, but not sure if that's even possible with how many combined followers all your channels have.

  10. Glavius AI Mod – absolut MUST have

    Expanded Stellaris Tradition – gives you much more possible traditions, and some are really interesting. Let's you RP your game a little bit more

  11. Emh.. I am pretty sure grey tempest is L-Gate event , not the the endgame crisis…
    When opening L-Gate you can also get fallen empire or some sort of superunit and some others (dont remember the names) – It is an event similar in power to awakened empire
    Some mechanics for those interested:
    When activated will wait about 1/2 a year and then start jumping several 35k fleets into the galaxy (to the L-Gates)
    When they destroy a planet it turns into a nanite world
    After the station is destroyed all remaining fleets disappear and nanite worlds become terraforming candidates (for 1k energy(at least to the standart planets – I dont know about gia-worlds))


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