Top Golf Tips for the 60 Yard Shot! | Mr. Short Game

The 40-60 yard shot in golf can be one of the most difficult shots to hit when playing a round of golf. With these tips now you can have confidence and success with this tricky touch shot that causes so many golfers problems. Be sure to check the links below and subscribe to the channel.

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43 thoughts on “Top Golf Tips for the 60 Yard Shot! | Mr. Short Game”

  1. OK. I never make comments BUT I had to basically quit golf 10 yrs ago w a 4 handicap, and have started back for about a year. My distance is killing me, but this video and your chip and slide video have changed my game. What I needed was a shot that was disaster proof and I think both of these are a GO TO. Thanks

  2. Practiced most of the winter in heated garage on a turf mat and loved the results.
    Going to real grass is very different. I feel like I just started playing golf!
    No consistency at all.
    Of course it is me.

  3. Hey Matt….. Love the content…. By opening it up, doesn't that run the risk of pushing it to the right? Also, by using the bounce, doesn't that open up the chance of skulling it?

  4. I know this video is old but I hope people watch this video I like to thank you @mrshortgame I watch your 100 yard 80 yards and 60 yards videos and I must say wow what a difference I always had issues from this distance in golf I’m a low 80s player but after watching your videos my last 4 rounds 77-78-78-79 thanks again MrSG👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 sent this video out to all my buddy’s

  5. If you pause the video and look at the top of the first shot you made, you'd realise that the club is perpendicular to the ground and with technically zero wrist cock, that's not possible. Actually to get to that half swing, club perpendicular positing, one has already cocked one's wrist more than 50% of what happens finally in a full shot.
    However, "the feel" of not cocking wrist helps to get more control.

  6. I just watched tip 1. You do hinge your wrists, very obviously, just later in the backswing. They go to 90+ degrees, then unfold by the same amount. Watch the video in slo mo

  7. Love the vids and channel but… it didn't look like you were doing what you were advising regarding wrist cock and steepness. Maybe I'm wrong

  8. Mr short game I am loving your tips in the money area they are helping me out and I'm a low low marker, cheers Aussie mark

  9. for real… NO BULLSHIT… your video style instruction is so understandable for the "NORMAL GOLFER" looking to imptove his game… More instruction should b like this

  10. This is Paul from Manchester in the UK. Just a quick thank you for the short game instructions they are continually improving my quality of strike, feel , accuracy and confidence – I now look forward to missing greens so that I can display my recovery prowess. Top top instruction. Thanks Paul.

  11. Since we are in this lull on the virus, i have been watching your videos. I use my gap wedge, my pitching wedge, and my 60% 12 loft, 52% and i practice in my backyard on my pro-mat and my net so i don't break my neighbors windows. today i hit 400 balls and watched my every move. It works, as you say, do it right or sell your clubs and by a bicycle. Thanks,

  12. Just a nibble 🤣💯🔥 I do like the idea of a flatter swing with no wrist hinge…i will be trying this out today, thank you

  13. Dude. Watch your swings. You hinge the wrist then come from a full swing. You literally said not to do it, then you do it.

  14. Love nearly every piece if advice… narrow, being the best. A narrow stance, narrowly open, even something you didn't mention, which is to keep the V between the arms narrow as well.

    You had a lot of wrist cock – see 2:26 -ish. But no worries if it feels like you're not cocking them. Not using the LW is a better tip to prevent wrist cock. You can make it more of a longer pitch sort of shot and start to achieve the low spinning 60-70 yarder that takes one bounce then checks up.

  15. On one hand: Good advice. On the other hand: Why? One of the comments below said essentially, "What about hardpan?" Yes, that shows understanding. Look at MRSG's follow through. It is around his body. That is consistent with using the bounce with the grassy lie he has given himself. If he came straight down with the bounce deployed, he would hit
    a high shot with lots of spin that might not even reach the green OR on hardpan would transfer a lot of energy to the ball and go over the green. SO, the danger of "good advice" in golf is that the advice usually finds its best home at the golf course the coach plays at. If you want the best advice, I like Greg Norman's: 1) Plan to make a mini-swing by gripping down and making a comfortably compact swing. 2) Take some practice swings to adjust to the smaller arc. 3) Then, swing smoothly and focus on good contact. Since you are
    learning to get good contact, you will be able to hit both hardpan lies and grassy lies.

  16. This video has completely changed my wedge game I didn’t even realize I was playing these shots horribly wrong for the past 30 years

  17. Nibble: a) a small, teensy bite of a cookie taken by a nefarious child to avoid detection of act b) official golf term credited to "MrShortGame" to elucidate a mysterious golf act known only to followers of said "MrShortgame". Following the nibble instruction avoids the dreaded "What are you doing dude" from the master.

  18. i feel like im pretty good with my 60 degree especially out of bunkers, but i also have some of my worst shots if i skull it. Its safer for me to use my pitching wedge in this situation, even though the practice with the 60 degree may be better in the long run.


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