Top 5 Upcoming Animal Games (2019)

This is the TOP 5 best looking animal games and nature coming out in 2019. All of them are linked below for Steam if you want to wishlist them, and be sure to let me know which ones you’re most excited by in the comments down below, and like the video if you found it informative or entertaining!
In order of appearance:
Among Trees ►
Beyond Blue ►
AWAY: The Survival Series ►
Planet Zoo ►
Shelter 3 ►

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Top 5 Upcoming Animal & Nature Games (2019)

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29 thoughts on “Top 5 Upcoming Animal Games (2019)”

  1. Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey looks great, but it's not out until 2020 so doesn't fit on this list. Maneater is probably out this year but we still haven't seen much since their move to Epic store exclusive.


  3. Thank you for this video! I am one of those people who loves playing as an animal. I am so bored of playing as a human. You can play as a human in pretty much any game that has ever existed. So games that let you play as animals have such unique mechanics I find them very charming. Beyond blue looks pretty cool though, but I am not so into 3rd person games. I get very distracted by my character when in 3rd person. Some games like the Witcher are just meant to be 3rd person so I can deal because combat & all. But I think beyond blue would be way better in first person than staring at that lady's ass the whole time when I am supposed to be looking at fish. I am a woman too, btw. I just find having my character be visible prevents me from immersing myself as the character. & always getting distracted by the characters movement & appearance.

  4. Why can't I find any good and realistic animal survival games where I play as the animal… all of them are either bad or not out yet or only multiplayer like the isle.. wtf people…

  5. I feel like some of the populaor are goat simulator Wolf Quest deer simulator I think that’s all I knoe

  6. I may sound like an idiot, but how come I can't find Lost Ember for the ps4 at all? I herd it was for ps4 aswell and can't find it anywhere now in April 2020.

  7. What I want is an Open World game where you can play as different animals. Survive and live as an animal make packs and herds or survive out on your own or explore the world. Where you don't have any missions but to survive. But also not too realistic like "The Isle" Where its try to be realistic that it became boring
    y'know the Limitations, For example you have to wait hours and hours to grow up into an adult animal. And the worst part is the fall damage where you fall off 2 feet and get instantly killed or wounded like there's nothing fun about a game where its try to be realistic enough that it became boring. What I want is an Animal game where there is no "Realistic bullcrap" Limiting your ability.
    But also not too "Unrealistic" Where a let's say a Tiger can fall off a 100 feet cliff and survive or a Caveman too good that it can basically dominate the entire species. Or an Elephant so overpowered that it can kill everything without ease.

    I mean there are Roblox games like this but most of the Best ones no longer exist but there are still some good ones out there.

  8. Thank you so much for this video. You picked games that really stood out to me and made feel excited again about animal games. I love, love, love animals and we’ve really been lacking fantastic animal games. I feel good about the ones you’ve talked about. Thank you!

  9. I just need a realistic animal game where the protagonist is a fox or a game like the isle except it's like forest animals (wolf, bear, deers, rabbits, foxex, etc). That would be awesome.


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