Top 5 Scariest FNAF Fan Games

I’ve finally finished the next list in my arsenal… the Top 5 Scariest FNAF Fan Games. Since you all really liked my Top 5 Hardest FNAF Fan Games, here’s a list of what I think are the scariest ones!

Five Nights With Mac Tonight 3 ►

Five Nights at Wario’s 4 ►

Jolly 3: Chapter 2 ►

A Shadow Over Freddy’s ►

The Joy of Creation: Reborn ►

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33 thoughts on “Top 5 Scariest FNAF Fan Games”

  1. Hey guys, I posted this comment on my other list and I’m putting it here too.

    It’s pretty impressive to see that this video is still getting attention well over a year after I posted it. I’m glad so many people like it, but I wanted to bring up a few things regarding this type of content.

    I’m sure a ton of you subscribed because of this video. My channel exploded in subs when I uploaded this, so it’s pretty obvious. My interest in FNAF has pretty much dwindled completely ever since I uploaded this, I lost the motivation to make these types of videos. Recently I made a video talking about how I was tired of FNAF. I still have more list videos planned in the future, but they won’t be FNAF related.

    I hope you guys check out my other content, I put a lot of effort into it.

  2. I really liked the "No Molten Freddy I'm Not Copying you" part, cause Ennard is my favourite caracter from fnaf and molten freddy is technically ennard.(I am sorry for bad English)

  3. JESUS Christ, i play the game like your inside of the pizzereia, Its so dark and EVERYTIME BUNNY JUST JUMPSCARE OUT OF NOWHERE

  4. Fredbear and Friends: Reboot is so freaking terrifying and I love it! Definitely deserves to be on a sequel to this list!

  5. That mark clip where he was play a fnaf fan game and it was in a room with a broken tv

    That looked scary as crap

  6. Five Nights at Treasure Island is scarier than all of these because of the title screen

  7. Tbh the wario one wasn’t scary. It was just because the annoying loud jump scares. The two actually scary ones are 2 and 1. Also game idea to make 1 more scarier. Put it in vr and make nights a bit longer. That would scare me half to death. I would just be so creeped out by the ambiance and VR games really make it feel like your in the game after a while, especially with graphics like joy of creation

  8. Tjoc:R Story Mode Exist
    Creation Has Entered the Chat
    Creation Said


  9. In tjoc:R You can Hear the animatronic stomp and running,stomping is near you and running is animatronic notice you,foxy,bonnie and chica is faster so shut the light for bonnie and stand still and foxy lights on shine and run cuz he have night vision and chica shine the light at her and fast if u slow you die and hear the and dont shine the light at chica for too long then you die and hear noise of every animatronic
    and freddy however just Run if you keep running you be lose him and you be fine


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