Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games

Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games
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The first Five nights At Freddy’s game came out 6 years ago. To this day it’s still one of the top games to play for all gamers. On this list, we will be talking about games that are fan made and sometimes are even better then what the big companies put out in the market. These are the Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games.

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36 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary FNAF Fan Games”

  1. FNaF 1 came out six years ago? Wow, I can’t believe Scott can make around 10 games and a bunch of books before Yandere Dev can finish even a single game.

  2. It didn't come out 6 years ago!! It's not even August the month it was released! It WILL be turning 6 yes, but I bet i'm gonna get woooshed.

  3. I have been with fnaf Since the beginning and my friend made me play the game and I was terrified of it for two years and then for the rest the time I was obsessed with five nights at Freddy’s

  4. Ok I have another theroy

    So we know that glitch trap can control William…

    What if

    In real life William is Scot and glitchtarp was a thing hunting scot

  5. Dude, you really need to play joy of creation its a really good game! Also my fav fnaf game is FNAF 4 my least fav is FNAF 6 I HATE FIRE IT SCARES ME!

  6. Of course TJoC is on here, with all do respect 100% the best fan-game i've ever played, and it's FREE, it's truly amazing.


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