Top 10 Pro Tips for NEW Players – Rise of Kingdoms

Top 10 Pro Tips for NEW Players – Rise of Kingdoms
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Today in Rise of Kingdoms I am with Chisgule giving you 10 of our best tips for new players to the game.

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41 thoughts on “Top 10 Pro Tips for NEW Players – Rise of Kingdoms”

  1. Welcome back to the channel as Chisgule and I share with you 10 amazing tips for new players. If we missed something… sound off below! 💪

  2. I got to say.. i played once for a couple weeks… trying again.. it seems like a lot to learn.. not sure if my mind isnt set right for this game.. but maybe it just takes a while to get into it

  3. Most of us here are trying to find a nice way to get free gems, coins, gold or whatever I have found one. It is by using a website called Gamecrook.

  4. I canot believe that I've finally found a web app that works. Received so many free gems and gold from Gamecrook.

  5. This game has a lot of potential but the thing is what is the purpose of playing if you cant expand your territory you cant take other players cities

  6. Bro do u know how to immigrate I was having passport but I was in 1258 I want to go for 1840 it is establish only days of 36days how can I go there any idea

  7. game sucks. you can’t beat the players that spend money. they get the best commanders. game crashes all the time causing you to lose everything. not worth it. loser get a life and find a cool game that works.

  8. they set the game up to intentionally crash they are a bunch of crooks and cannot be trusted. The game is all about money. The game will crash while you are in battle so you have to spend more money.

  9. WTF 😂 you spend 10K and u call yourself a player ? I would have buy a freaking awesome car and fill it with chicks , unless spending in this shitty game.

  10. The game is a total waste of time ! You get t5 in 2 years and when you are off line you get booted out!

  11. The game is a total waste of time ! You get t5 in 2 years and when you are off line you get booted out!

  12. Bro pliz pliz need to know how can we make a teleport to a place and get all those passes in the beginning of this game its very very hard to make a great place and go to ur alliance
    Pliz answer me

  13. You know El Cid is easy to get for begginers. Very much easier and you can get it all the time compare to Yi Song Gye

  14. Wazzup bro. Thank u for the tips. Im just newbie playing this game. I want to ask why i cannot geleport to my alliance even if i use the targeted teleportation when others member have no problem teleporting ? It really pissed me out.

  15. Thanks for the video, What rank to be on MGE to be able to get Leonidas as a commander, currently at 360k power and tier 2 Troops.

  16. Hi sir im your fan for all your videos,can you pls give us best pair commander F2P and P2W even if its epic or legendary.tia 😊


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