This 1 Chipping Tip Changed my Golf Game Forever | Mr. Short Game

In this video I give you a tip that Bob Vokey gave me. This one tip changed my short game forever and has helped me lower my scores, have more confidence and win numerous events. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check the links below for special deals and discounts.

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47 thoughts on “This 1 Chipping Tip Changed my Golf Game Forever | Mr. Short Game”

  1. Very basic tip but you explained it really well, loved the way you broke it down so simply. Going outside now to practice. Thanks.

  2. I think you confused pitching with chipping….That looks like the definition of a pitch, it flies farther than it rolls.

  3. most struggle with chipping because the attack angle is not steep enough, also they do not rotate and they release their wrists…swing down until you hit the ball, try to hit the ground, and mostly "practice" !

  4. First off, you're a Wild Man. Second, I saw some of your videos for the first time on Thursday, tried them on the course on Sunday, and it completely changed my approach and success. So thanks for all that!

  5. Great video this helped me a lot. I just started golfing last summer with my Dad, and there is nothing more frustrating then hitting a great tee shot and then hitting my wedge either 20 feet over the green or 5 feet in front of me.

  6. Why do people keep calling things “chipping” lessons when they are for pitching? Chipping and pitching are two different things.

  7. This could be the best golf tip I've EVER gotten! Makes total sense! Otherwise why even think about bounce, right?! Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is the secret. Every pro does this. I watched pros do this at the memorial on the practice green. I always wondered how they did it. After watching for hours I finally figured it out. Great info

  9. I’ve been watching videos for years trying to improve my chipping, but nobody has really talked about using the bounce of the club. This tip is an instant fix to those frustrating chip shots. Great tip! Thanks

  10. Just worked for me off a mat…..excited to try this on the course and especially out of the rough (which kills my game). Besides "opening the face/using bounce", the even bigger key for me is "you are just going to turn". I was trying to chip w/putting stroke and the club was not rotating through and balls go right out of the rough. Very frustrating. This is much more natural. thanks for sharing…subscribing now. wish me luck!

  11. I love your enthusiasm and your knowledge. You have helped me in a many ways. I like Mr. Short Game but I think you should name your channel “Chips Ahoy”. It might appeal to a larger audience? Whatever you do don’t stop making videos. Thanks

  12. Great stuff thanks ! I actually learned something , going to try this right away. It makes sense just never thought to open it that much or at all really

  13. I am a retired firefighter after over 38 years. I just started playing like a year or so before I retired. I have only had 1 lesson on golf not counting all I have watched videos like yours. They are a God sent for people like me but not a replacement for what I really need for what I am doing. I would love to have some lessons from you. Where are you located and what would it cost me to get rid of all my flats? Please help me.

  14. I am a new golfer (1 year) and your videos have helped my break 100 regularly but I feel really scared to open that face because I am afraid of going way right! Please explain conceptually how open the face of the wedge does not make the ball go right. Also how to use the bounce, how to hit the ground first without chunking badly.. thanks a lot.

  15. Sorry, but most amateur players would bounce the club and skull the ball across the green this way.
    And oh year, the video I saw just before this was Phil Michelson in Chipping 101 where he said just the opposite – hands forward and the ball back in the stance to take loft off the club.
    Tiger woods also hits most chips the same as Phil. Unless they need to loft a soft flop shot.
    And so does Lee Trevino. You can find his chipping tips videos on Youtube.
    Need I go on???!!!

  16. Nice to meet you mr short game – liken your videos – like to know more about your back ground- if that’s ok – keith lucero Sam Francisco

  17. Instructions on chipping and pitching is always awful and confusing
    I find. This was good though ❤️👍🏼

  18. Good video lesson! Here's a question. I have always thought that opening the face would send the ball off to the right, so, when you open the face do you have to modify your swing at all? Or, was I wrong in my assumption?

  19. Great info, thank you!! When you open the face, do you adjust your aim, or will you hit to the left? I’m just asking for clarification as this would be a new technique for me. Thank you

  20. Thanks for the video. How do you aim with this shot? Opening the club face to use the bounce makes you aim left with the club. Are you swinging across your body?

  21. I was just watching this and I noticed in wasn’t subscribed. ??? I subscribed a long time ago and your videos pop up. But how was I unsubscribed???

  22. Your tip to aim for one thing o. The fairway helped me hit every fairway with my driver yesterday thanks homieee

  23. Great tip. I'm a bit scared to open the clubface.
    Like the clobber. Your wife does a great job of dressing you.


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