The Werewolf Attacks! | Minecraft Diaries Reborn [Ep.9]

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====. * ・ 。゚☆ [Voice Actors] ☆。゚・* .====
★ Gene – Alejandro:
★ Lowell – Caitlin Myers:
★ Werewolf – P.M. Seymour:
★ Aphmau – Jess: Potato

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48 thoughts on “The Werewolf Attacks! | Minecraft Diaries Reborn [Ep.9]”

  1. Are you still uploading this series? I really enjoy watching it and I don't know if you are still uploading the series! I love it ❤❤❤

  2. Is it bad that I ship Gene and Aphmau- GenEmAU- Wait Minecraft diaries teh big ship was Laurence and Aphmau? Right?

  3. Im still wondering WHY Jess changed this series a bit by making. Gene. Care. I mean like that illegal! Meh it actually makes the story more interesting anyways….

  4. Its a box-

    Edit: NOOOOOOoOo WHYY DIDDD ITTT HAVEE TOOO ENDDD THEREEEEEeEeE ToT I seriously wanna see what next butI know she’s takin a break from Rps

  5. Am I the only one who got scared when the box fell off the cliff I was “like oh no the PUP” but then it landed in the water

  6. I really want an episode 10
    I mean The original one honestly I didn’t find it interesting until s3 and that didn’t continue

    this actually has stuff happening and not aphmau voicing all the characters and just walking around
    No offense

    It’s been months!

  7. wait wait wait, so like i havent watched this new diaries, and im re watching the og one, and i was like, why is gene with aphmau doe…i dont wanna give any spoilers but in the og he wasnt even introduced at this part…i dunno. i dont have a place in saying this because i havent watched the new version but like…why gene hitting different xD im just kidding, as an og, aphmau was literally my life back in the day and seeing her re creating the roleplay that got her here is heart warming and all, but its a little different then i remember. but I understand she's making the plot more tied together, but i kinda wish she did another role play where it was still a survival lets play like the og diaries and not all animated and so scripted. idk i do not mean this as hate because i really respect aphmau and her team, i just want to see them do more simple things!!


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