The Stranger | Minecraft Diaries [S1: Ep.94 Roleplay Adventure]

Laurance and Aphmau are in a panic. With Garroth sick Laurance is temporarily in charge of the village leaving Aphmau to fill Garroth’s role as Guard overseer. What is going to happen to Phoenix Drop?

★Zane Voice – Lucario’s Klaw:
★Garroth Voice – TheDragonHat:
★Lillian Voice – TheZombiUnicorn:
★Chicken Shaman Voice – Castor:

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39 thoughts on “The Stranger | Minecraft Diaries [S1: Ep.94 Roleplay Adventure]”

  1. Ok everyone I will find my map and we will go to phoenix drop and work with them and together we will kill zane and all people that is trouble ok ps I'm a magic user and a which craft user with me and you jury's and lousinda and the rest of Phoenix drop we will kill zane and all trouble makers
    Oh when i said jury's I ment guys

  2. It hurts me to say this but😿 i think that the spy is Dante

    (This is purely a thought, I have no idea what is going to happen)

  3. What if… what if it’s Brendan I mean… he showed a great interest in Nicole the moment she a strives and forgot about Kawaii Chan and he has been in the village for a long time and he had a connection with Sasha 0-0’

  4. If Nicole had married Garroth that means Laurence could try to get Aphmau without a bad conscience… which means AARMAU MIGHT NOT HAVE EXISTED!!! Good job Garroth and Nicole for running away, congrats you saved Aarmau!

  5. When Aaron knows everything even his name

    He gets so shook that he becomes an owl and his head is facing backwards
    I’m talking about Laurance

  6. Lol it’s funny how I was supporting Aarmau in Mystreet and Gaurmau and Laurmau in the MineCraft Diaries

  7. Plot twist , the chicken shaman wages war on zane and arms his chickens with feather swords and egg shell armour


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