The SCARIEST FNAF Fan Game Ever! | Sinister Turmoil Sewers

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We needed a dose of scary in 2020 and what better than a FNAF fan game? Sinister Turmoil: Sewers looks like just the game we need! Let’s get SCARED!

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47 thoughts on “The SCARIEST FNAF Fan Game Ever! | Sinister Turmoil Sewers”

  1. here’s my theory for the mask on the ground: it’s actually a bunny mask like the one in the corn maze not his face but then he killed himself with the paper guillotine because he wanted to get away from glitch trap you know to stop him from being controlled I know Your probably past that and it might be wrong but I wanted to share this with you.

  2. Am I the only person being like “Hey he kinda looks like Chris Evans!”??? It’s odd… and I don’t like it.

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  4. This is awesome when i saw the teaser for this game i thought it would be really good but they had not update it for some time so I thought they abandoned it

  5. Okay, at 4:12, haven't seen this "Amy" before but judging from her frequency and cadence Amy isn't real. It's Stephanie in disguise! O_o

    Then again if you look at my name, you'll probably realize you shouldn't trust me on that one. XD

  6. I take it Matt doesn't remember the part of the Grinch where it's established to take part on a snowflake. Granted, I haven't read the original, so maybe they added that in later.

  7. Has no one realised that the old grinch had people and the grinch that was the only one and the cartoon remake instead of having people they have grinch’s but they aren’t green tho like the main one it breaks the story line but jay it’s their fault they changed their story line tho. XD

  8. Best way to never die always crouch and if stuck on cup cake use the hamster. XD btw I thought ta the start of the video the creator meant a real hamster not a robot apart from the fact that if he or she done that probably there would be bloody scenes when mangles gets the hamster but hey at least the creator didn’t do that, XD

  9. Technically you need two Rennes the electrical rence is optional to get past certain areas so technically you just need 3 fences unless there’s a path you need to go and you need the electrical rence but it’s just sonthing that can help in a certain situation.

  10. Btw you did manage to get one wrence aka Th eblue rence to one of the pump rooms but then again you didint use your hamster so u did die I can’t belive I didint know you were in the blue pump room. XD

  11. Btw the cup cake dosint always follow u 7nless it detects you btw the people who said that are wrong and probally not played the game.

  12. The mechanism for the cupcake is easy to learn because it can detected you but if your flash light is on or the any other light is on and your in its radius then the cup cake can see you and alarm mangle it can see I then not see you in the dark but it will stay in the aamem0kace in till u turn your flash light on or you are in the radius of any light or you use your hamster I don’t know about the water maybe. XD

  13. anyone else notice how MatPat describing Horton Hears A Who kinda sounds like him describing the audience's reaction to his theories? Just me?


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