The Flood IN STELLARIS? Ultimate End Game Crisis

What if the infamous parasitic enemies of the halo series arrived in your standard stellaris game? I present to you the ultiamte and most powerful endgame crisis. A devouring swarm with some insane modifiers to make them worthy of controlling the entire galaxy.

So sit back and enjoy this wonderful stellaris end game crisis!

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38 thoughts on “The Flood IN STELLARIS? Ultimate End Game Crisis”

  1. This thought just occurred to me. Halo feels like the whole galaxy is in a Stellaris game. Humanity managed to spread to the stars, but encounter the fanatic Covenant and are pushed back to their homeworld Earth before going to the Ark via a gateway. The Flood is an Endgame Crisis waiting to happen (and had in fact happened long ago, only to be stopped by Ringworld weapons firing), and the Prometheans are a Fallen Empire that awoke when the Chief released the Didact.

  2. This is… Quite different, to what I’m used to from Spiff. Just goes to show, how much a YouTuber can change, in a year or two. You found what fit, and this wasn’t entirely it.

    Your newer approach, is better.

    Also, ‘The Flood’ vs a few of your Stellaris exploits. Could you cheese the system, quick enough, to beat back the danger? Would be interesting, to see.

  3. Do I have the rights to make my body feel this much goosebumps from the cinematic? Im literally clinging to my soul here.

  4. Great video. always love em. Also the intro video and song was awesome. anyone wondering what that song name is, Your World Will Fail, on Spotify

  5. "But this is stellaris, which actually has some pretty damn good AI"

    Yeah this video is clearly made before 2.2's release.

  6. I don't play Stellaris. But is it possible to paint the entire map your color?

    I've seen a few stellaris videos but they just "win" after they defeat the end game crisis while keeping their empires relatively small or stuck on one side of the galaxy.

    So far this video is the closest I've seen achieve exterminating everyone not "you" but the video still ends with scattered remnants here and there and on the edges.

  7. Holy fuck. Talk about goose bumps. Ive never wanted to play a game more. This makes me want to change the world. I want to watch this before every big decision i make from now on.


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