The Bizarre World of JoJo Gacha Games

The menaces at Bandai Namco managed to combine my two biggest weaknesses – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and gacha games. I’m doomed.
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Outro Music:
Additional DR Footage:
Stardust Shooters Discord:
Pitter Patter Discord:

BANG! INST VARIANT – Dragalia Lost
Brown Fairy’s Delivery – Destiny Child
SA2 (Ver.B) – Sonic Adventure 2
Ragna Breakers (Ragna Raid Theme) – Destiny Child
Mii Channel Theme – Nintendo Wii
Il vento d’oro eurobeat remix – Turbo
Liberator’s Hideout – SMT Dx2
Beach Overworld – Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Results Screen – JoJo Stardust Shooters
Il vento d’oro (Giorno’s Theme) – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Main Menu – JoJo Diamond Records
4x100m Relay – Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Map – SMT Dx2
Unit Composition – JoJo Stardust Shooters
Main Theme – JoJo Pitter Patter Pop
Italian Restaurant – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
The Hand – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Menu (Clear) – Super Monkey Ball 2


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38 thoughts on “The Bizarre World of JoJo Gacha Games”

  1. So… Gigguk made a Gacha Game video and I thought, Is Yakkocmn making a Part 4 of the Gacha Game Video collabing with Gigguk?


  2. When dragon ball legends came out i was happy that dbz has been getting great mobile games to screw around on. I want mobile jojo to be just as great some day

  3. Fact, when diamond records was still alive, the old beat em up mode was still there. It was just in a button that has a symbol with two curved arrows

    You can find what i am talking about in this link

  4. If I would’ve known about “Diamond Records” I think I would’ve gone in debt. That shit looked so crispy before that Reversal branding bullshit. What a shame, I would’ve honestly played the fuck out of it man. We need a new JoJo game badly.

  5. No English game?
    The guys who made this games
    Are idiots they don't know how much money they will get by making an European/American version

  6. when i saw "gacha games" in the title i thought you ment the gacha life/verse/studio games and almost had a heart attack from fear


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