The "BEST" Yu-Gi-Oh Game

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Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium is a hideous board game from Mattel that was released in 2002. It is also, somehow, the best Yu-Gi-Oh game. Let’s talk about it.

Intro animation by Artsy Theo:

Intro theme song by Matt Houston:

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46 thoughts on “The "BEST" Yu-Gi-Oh Game”

  1. Haha… trap card.
    I've played the card game for a while, but it got too expensive.

    I didn't know of this board game though (I did know about the manga).

  2. No wonder you play rock paper scissor in Yugioh The Eternal Duelist Soul to determine who goes first in the duel.

  3. 7:21 bruh they all only got 2 notable monsters each
    Joey: red eyes and time wizard
    Mai: hapries and pet dragons
    Yugi: dark magician and dark magician girl
    Kaiba: Blue eyes and Ultimate Blue eyes (it's true and we all know it)

  4. I got an idea to really make the millennium puzzle useful-ish…tie a lace on the puzzle and make it a little souvenir.

  5. Hey JWittz – with your video on this and Dungeon Dice Monsters, have you considered doing a review of the Yu-Gi-Oh! expansions for Heroclix? Heroclix is definitely one of my favorite games, and I picked up a display of the first Yu-Gi-Oh! series when it came out. I think it's pretty fun.

  6. Please please please do a tcg review of the sword and shield base set and possibly rebel clash when it drops this may. I’m begging you. Please

  7. I actually really like jwitts sound track when his intro comes in! If i could get a clear version of that just to listen to itd be great:)


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