The Best White Wines For Beginners (Series): #2 Pinot Grigio

What are the best white wines for beginners to try? Certified wine pro Marc Supsic will give you some easy suggestions, background, wine tasting notes and wine pairing ideas for each.

This week we’re looking at Pinot Grigio, one of the all-time top-sellers in the States. But did you know, this grape/wine has a little secret?

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Featured Italian Pinot Grigio:

Santa Margherita

Antonutti Pinot Grigio

Collavini Pinot Grigio (Friuli, Italy)

New World PG:

Sokol Blosser Pinot Gris (Oregon)

Eola Hills (Oregon)

Van Loveren Pinot Grigio (South Africa)

French Pinot Gris:



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23 thoughts on “The Best White Wines For Beginners (Series): #2 Pinot Grigio”

  1. This man is hilarious. 1) Morgan from 'The Mindy Project'. 2) he reminds me of that super nice cousin who is crazy into his hobby and loves to break it down to you. But seriously I've spent the last hour on your channel, you are legit and I really appreciate the videos!!!

  2. For the longest time I would choose a white wine in my Risotto, opted for the Pinot Grigio only because it was produced locally (Mornington, Victoria) and for $9 a bottle I couldn't resist.

    Turns out, I rather liked the taste and have since substituted my occasional beer for a wine. I began experimenting and found many wines unpalatable, due to my commonness no doubt. I will try the Pinot Gris in future and give other wines another chance perhaps. Appreciate the video and thank you for sharing.

  3. Love your channel. I've watched several now and have given thumbs up to each one. Also enjoyed your play at the end. Subscribing now 🙂 .

  4. Wow… that was unexpected and fun…. Don't you love the names of wine 🙂 …. You made the name of the wine, match their character with all your information and then your song! so good …. 🙂 ~Elizabeth

  5. Last year, Americans drank more than $1B worth of Pinot Gris/Grigio. Why is it so popular? Which style or brand do you prefer? Drop me comments here!


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