The Best Golf Rotation Drill Ever – Mr. Short Game

This is one of the best golf rotation drills or tips I’ve ever done. This drill will force you to stay down on the ball and rotate through like never before. If you slice the ball or have trouble getting your lower body working properly in the golf swing then this drill will help you solve those issues. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and check out the links below for special deal and discounts.

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38 thoughts on “The Best Golf Rotation Drill Ever – Mr. Short Game”

  1. This drill is insanely good. One of the only drills I've done that actually gets me rotation properly. Great stuff mate! Would love to now know how to apply the same rotation with my club face shut. Wish you were in Sydney, would definitely have you as my full time coach! Thanks Matt

  2. I cannot believe how good this works. It's insanity. Instantly coming from the inside, open hips, bent trail arm at impact, and staying down on the ball. This is MADNESS! LOL thanks!

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  4. Living on Long Island this is a good time to take 1000 swings. When ya don't play for 5 months like me, I gotta condition my swing again anyways. Thanks boss!

  5. I just tried this drill of thinking "face open" and rotating through/staying down and hit my 8 iron 170+ yds carry… Wow! Thanks dude, what an incredible mental "feel" to improve ball striking! Great stuff!

  6. When I first saw your channel I cant say I was a fan. But!!!!! after I hung in there and tried a couple of drills im a big fan ,loved this video your a crack up ,puts a smile on my dial will try this drill for sure sending blessing all the way from New Zealand ✌🤙

  7. WOW~~~GOOD.👍👍☕☕☕👍👍☕👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👏👍👍👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

  8. OMG, MrShortGame, this is the best drill ever. I've been struggling with this issue for a long time, thank you sir!

  9. That is a fantastic and simple drill. Even better, it's not really a drill as much as it is just a feeling in the swing. Already helping me. My tendency is to flip and/or early extend. This trains my body to take the lead and to keep my hands from rushing to the ball.

  10. This guy is one of the best coach on the internet!! This drill also helps you if you were flipping it. Thanks Matt, you are Awesome🏌️‍♂️🕺

  11. What if I do the 1000 reps at home in the net verses the driving range and save the $$. Will my results be any less effective you think?

  12. You're awesome Matt, I thought you were crazy when I first stumbled upon your videos (just higher energy). You've grown on me, you're a good dude. Thanks for all the advice I enjoy the content.

  13. Wow, something that actually works … Fixed my transition at the top of swing to the down swing as well and ball contact is much better but not perfect.

  14. I'm 71 took a lot of lessons, practiced hard and long, played mid single digit when I was young, read all golf mags for years, now watch nearly every golf instruction video on YouTube, and this might be the most logical approach to improving I've ever seen. Can't wait to try it out. Your check is in the Mail.

  15. Miracle…miracle. I tried this drill today and it did not take 10000 balls, more like one bucket and its gone!!! No more goat humping and my head stayed down without even thinking of it. 10 years I have dealing with this issue and in 20 minutes i was done. Thank you very much. I'll be doing a bucket of this drill pre-workout all winter so I'll be ready for the fellas next spring. Awesome stuff.


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