Taimane – Wicked Game (HI Sessions Live Music Video)

Check out *Taimane’s Tiny Desk Concert* 🌺 Click to watch. The first ever Hawaii artist featured on Tiny Desk, and Taimane brings it – *great* performance.

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Taimane and Jasmine Skurtu show us their take on a Chris Isaak song called “Wicked Game.”

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Recorded with the QSC TouchMix digital mixer

Nguồn: https://gekimoe.org/

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41 thoughts on “Taimane – Wicked Game (HI Sessions Live Music Video)”

  1. Check out Taimane's Tiny Desk Concert 🌺 Click http://bit.ly/t_tdc to
    watch. The first ever Hawaii artist featured on Tiny Desk, and Taimane
    brings it – great performance.

  2. I'm glad that's a thumb pick near the nut of the yuke and not a smoking 'Lucky'. Truly we've come a long way. In all seriousness this is a lovely performance beautifully performed. Thank you, ladies. Well done!

  3. Reminds me of trail ride in the Dominican Republic in the jungle near Trujillo's hideaway mansion. Back in 1973.

  4. Masterfully done. Bravo! to both. I'd seen some of her other…more dynamic performances. Here you can still see the talent, the touch, the purity in the simplicity, of the moment…less dynamic. Still great.

  5. Someday we are going to look at shoulderless tops the same we we look back at leg warmers and flashdance fashion.

  6. OMG..love you both so awesome. What a great place to play, could listen to you both all day….Thank you ❤❤❤❤

  7. I wonder if the chick in white had a guitar once. Maybe the chubby broad ate it??? That’s the reason she now plays the uke??? Just a thought. 🤛🏿

  8. Wow, this guy played games with me for almost 5 months! But, I played right back. Finally, he went away knowing that he was all wrong for me. I told him so from the beginning .why do people want to play wicked games?

  9. Oh my gosh! I just clicked on the video thinking it was some sisters playing a bit of rock or something. To say it’s beautiful is a massive understatement, completely blown away. I’m an old Englishman, I have no idea who they are but I bet they’re famous somewhere.

    Nice house too.


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