Stellaris Tips and Tricks 2019 |Beating the End Game Crisis|

In this Stellaris tutorial, we’re going to go through a few tips on how to beat the end game crises in Stellaris. These end game crises are the Contingency, the Prethoryn Scourge, and the Extra Dimensional Invaders. These tips and tricks are things that took me a few play throughs to learn, so I wanted to share them with you!

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Stellaris Tips and Tricks:

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9 thoughts on “Stellaris Tips and Tricks 2019 |Beating the End Game Crisis|”

  1. oh my god a stellar video shorter than 40min! thanks for the ttips, I’m facing my first late game and that’s helpful ❤️

  2. I’m on Xbox, and currently I’m facing a Prethoryn crisis at mid game because an AI wanted to research every dangerous tech in the game. All the Prethoryn’s fleets are 50k+, and the best I have ever gotten in this entire game is what I’m at right now, which is 55.3K. Their main base is surrounded by 3 50K fleets, and it seems impossible to beat the crisis no matter what I do. 13 worlds and about 30% of the galaxy and I’m only getting 120 minerals per month, but my ships are so expensive that I need to wait years to bump up my fleet power by an extra 10K. There’s also like 12 Prethoryn fleets flying around that AI’s territory, all at 50K+. I really don’t understand how people can get minerals fast enough to get close to the crisis’s fleet strength, but many YouTubers manage to do it like right at the start of midgame, and then even be able to kill the crisis at 5x strength on Grand Admiral difficulty. I’ve watched so many guides and practiced so much. Also, my fleet size is about 150 over the limit. How do you keep your fleet size limit very large so you don’t go to -50 energy credits every time you move your fleet? I know it’s from starports and stuff, but I have 13 planets and each one has a starport, and I’m still way above the limit.

  3. first and foremost, have a strong war economy. if the sustainable fleet size is off by an order in magnitude then no tactics would work

  4. best hardcounter for contingency: corvette swarms, full shields (yes you needreactor booster for that), mixed weapons. hardcounter for unbidden: only battleship fleets, full shields, full kinetics. hardcounter for swarm: mixed fleets, full armour, much point-defense, plasma-cannons and lasers. as soon as you have their missiles, equip them on your corvettes/cruisers

  5. No offence but people that do guides for endgame crisis sound like they expect us newcomers especially console editions to have the same output as the damn unbidden portal


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