Squash: Free Game Friday – Matthew v Golan – Windy City Open 2016

With Nick Matthew bravely trying his hand at Real Tennis recently ( we thought we’d show him doing what he does best for this week’s Free Game Friday. Here he is attempting to overcome a 2-0 deficit against Borja Golan at this year’s Windy City Open.

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22 thoughts on “Squash: Free Game Friday – Matthew v Golan – Windy City Open 2016”

  1. Thank goodness the commentators weren't refereeing the match is all I can say…….. these two should learn the 'let' rule.

  2. Great contrast in styles with Golan attacking and Matthew defending and pouncing on a mistake which he has done throughout his career.

  3. “If that boast had gone up would he have asked for a let, that is the question”. Nick Shakespeare

  4. I feel few decisions were given in favor of Golan, influencing the referee with all his weening 🙁 'horrible' Golan

  5. Twice Golan pushed up looking for the short shot and fell for the hold when the shot went deep, both were “ no lets “ but the refs couldn’t see he was taking the wrong line to the ball creating his own interference.

  6. Could someone please give me the link to Borja golans racket. I know it is from eye but I cannot find the product. Thanks a lot.


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