Spending The Night With Senpai! | SleepOver

Our Senpai gets stuck having a sleepover at our house! We are more than excited to spend some quality one on one time with him. He does’nt feel the same way though…
Ive re-edited this video that I recorded a few months ago, so that you all can enjoy it!

The Game: SleepOver

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31 thoughts on “Spending The Night With Senpai! | SleepOver”

  1. if you play sleepover again here's how to get the good ending

    {Good ending}

    -Hold his chest

    -Maybe I should…

    -What about sucking it harder… ?


    -I'll bury myself to the deepest I can!

    -I can't help falling for you too…!!

    {Good ending}

    -push him to the bed

    -really like this…

    -He'll feel better if i

    -i'm not yet ready, Aki-san

    -i feel like i'm going to cum…!

    -i like you…!!

    it's the exact same ending but they say different things after they Flip each other ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. There's a dude who names awesome Perfection he played that version of the game so you can or she looked at his channel to actually find the game and figure out how we actually did it unless you two good endings or 3 I just remember how much but you can always go to awesome Perfection Channel on YouTube and you can always find you know how he gets good and he can do it for us

  3. This is the second game I swear you played already and the second part you find out how to get the good ending I remember watching Am I just going into the future not realizing it Am I the only one who remembers this

  4. I get it now that you with YouTube you gotta be carful with the content but you didn't need to cut or crop the while video or game just censor the nipples and bulge and etc

  5. I think there's some guides to get the good ending cause several people had a hard time finding it. To know that you got it you basically have to make sure they both confess to each other before they finish having sex


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