SPAGHET Playthrough Gameplay (No Commentary)

Warning this game has jump scares. Very few can resist the temptation of a warm plate of Spaghet… nor can you.

Its a quiet night. You settle down, ready to sink your hands into that stringy goodness, but there’s just one problem: That’s not your Spaghet. This isn’t even your house, and the current residents don’t take too kindly to having their food slapped around.

Suddenly, you hear a voice coming through the TV, then… darkness.

All you wanted to do was enjoy a plate of pasta, but now its about survival… and pasta.

Papa, Mama, Baby, and Goldie are coming for you. They see what you’re doing, and they all want a piece… of you, that is.

With the Spaghet getting cold, you’ll need to keep it warm while dealing with them.

Somebody has to touch it, right?

SPAGHET Gameplay Part1 Complete Playthrough Walkthrough PC
(No Commentary Let’s Play) (SPAGHET Steam Horror Game 2018)
This full game complete walkthrough will include a review, all cutscenes game movie cinematics,
scary moments and jumpscares. All secrets, weapons, easter eggs, puzzle solutions, main story line, levels, Achievements, Collectibles
chapters, bosses and boss fights. Finishing with the ending of the single player video game for PC.


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40 thoughts on “SPAGHET Playthrough Gameplay (No Commentary)”

  1. Me:'eating spaghetti'
    Game:spaghetti got cold
    Me:'boils spaghetti'i dont wanna die today ok spaghetti dont get cold.

  2. bro ur so dumb u dont even know what no commentary means so dont use that in ur title if u dont know what it means u died 4 times in this video and u call that no commentary ?

    u can type no commentary if u dont die in that game and record it. pff kids these days try to clickbait.

  3. If the threat bear popped up blurting SPAGHET this game would have a special place in my heart. I watch too much adult swim 😂


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