Souls Games Ranked From Easiest to Hardest

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Video Created by Mystery Mr. R –

Which Dark Souls or Dark Souls-type game do you think is the hardest?

This video comes from our good friend and parter Mystery Mr. R!
He’s going to be doing in depth videos like this for GLP. If you enjoyed the vid, make sure to give sub to his channel!




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28 thoughts on “Souls Games Ranked From Easiest to Hardest”

  1. Sekiro is the easiest out of them all and nioh is the hardest for me. I almost beat all bosses in sekiro without taking a hit, not on my first run obviously.

  2. Cant take this list seriously when dark souls 1 is the hardest over bloodborne you know the souls game where you can't block…. oh dw we aren't including dlc either not like that's half the game for dark souls 2 and 3 and nioh is not even fromsoftware man….it's a totally different game sorry but in my opinion dark souls 3 is definitely the easiest game ever in the soulsborne series

  3. Dark souls 1 for me was the easiest cause when I first started playing it I just came from dark souls 3. It took me some time to get used to the combat but once I did it was a cake walk. My first time facing manus I only died once. Ornstein and smough took me 5 attempts and artorais took me 2. The combat is slow and enemies hit just as slow (except for torch hollows). It was still a very fun game

  4. Imho dark souls 1 is only difficult for a newcomer, someone who has no idea what to do or where to go. After the first initial play through it become much easier

  5. Sorry but dark souls 3 is the easiest by far straight forward boss fights and direction dark souls 2 you didn’t know where to go bosses were straight up annoying it shouldn’t be on the bottom

  6. Started with DS2 and I still see it as challenging due to the stupid roll mechanics. Trying to put fourth enough attributes into adaptability and trying to keep your SL down enough to play with your friends and have fun in PVP. It was rough.

  7. Started with Demon's Souls couldn't complete it

    Then Dark Souls – Couldn't complete it

    Then Dark Souls 2 – Couldn't complete it

    Played Bloodborne and managed to completed It

    Went back and completed the other 3 with more ease for some reason.

    Maybe I just got better after Bloodborne teaching Dodging

  8. Demon souls is the hardest because you have a limited amount of healing items that arent replenished each time you respawn and you dont have much health and enemies are tough even if the bosses might not be that hard

  9. Nioh is super easy in my opinion dark souls one is easy asf because magic is actually good and dark souls three is really hard. Well I replayed D.S.3 with the night build and lmao it’s so fucken easy but with any other class it can be pretty hard

  10. 2 years ago, I’d quit dark souls 1 because I couldn’t beat ornstein and smough.

    2 days ago, I returned and beat the rest of the game that very same day, and I was ecstatic.

    Yesterday, I started NG+ and within 5 hours I’ve already:

    * rung both bells,
    * killed pinwheel,
    * got stuck in the tomb of giants for an hour due to using a bonfire,
    * killed the iron golem boss,
    * slayed ornstein and smough,
    * unlocked the dukes archives,
    * drained new lando ruins (still have no idea why they called it new lando),
    * and killed sif.

    I don’t plan on finishing NG+ because the four kings fight is bullshit.

  11. Easiest dark souls because you can get black knight weapons and break the game dark souls 2 hardest because how broken the hit boxes are and how long the healing takes


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