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Alright! Are you ready to join the PINK FANTASY fandom?

The girl group Pink Fantasy debuted in October 2018 with the song “Iriwa”! It got a lot of attention because it was written and composed by Super Junior member Shindong – he even directed the music video! There’s another reason the group stood out right away though… Ever seen a girl group with a ‘mystery member’ that always wears a rabbit head mask?? Well, you have if you’ve seen Pink Fantasy!

The group has a fun, very distinct concept with every single they’ve released since their debut. They are concepts based on fairytale motifs so far: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” “Cinderella,” “Snow White”… And the movers and shakers behind the scenes play a big role in cultivating these concepts for the group. We have exclusive interviews with them, and we sit down with members to hear each of their back stories as well.

Hidden talents, one-on-one interviews, fan events and more! It’s fun getting to know Pink Fantasy – the group that’s showing everyone they should never ever give up on their dreams.

Learn all about Pink Fantasy on this week’s “promiSINGER.”

2018년 10월, 슈퍼주니어 신동이 작사&작곡, MV 연출까지 맡아 화제가 된
싱글 [이리와]로 데뷔한 ‘핑크판타지’! 동화 ‘이상한 나라의 앨리스’에 등장하는
시계 토끼의 유혹을 모티브로 한 것부터 토끼 탈을 쓰고 활동하는 멤버 ‘대왕’까지~
이후로도 ‘핑크판타지’만의 독특한 컨셉으로 꾸준히 매니아 층을 확보해온 그녀들!
지난 11월, 동화 ‘백설공주’를 모티브로 한 세 번째 싱글 [소꿉장난]으로 컴백했다.

소속사 대표가 알고 보니 걸그룹 출신?! 이렇게 예뻐도 됩니까~?
핑크판타지 8명의 멤버들을 모아서 데뷔시키기까지- ‘일등공신’ 소속사 대표,
데뷔 전부터 인연을 이어온 안무가, 중독성 강한 이번 컴백곡 [소꿉장난]을
작곡한 작곡가 등 메이커스 인터뷰를 통해 ‘핑크판타지’의 모든 것을 알아보자!

여기요, 여기! 여기가 바로 개인기 맛집♥ 이렇게 다양한 개인기는 처음이야!
춤, 노래는 기본~ 창, 현대무용, 무에타이, 캐리커처, 섹시~한 포즈까지-!!
입 쩍 벌어지는 재능 부자 ‘핑크판타지’의 개인기와 예쁘고, 상큼하고, 귀엽고
다했던 [Simply K POP] ‘소꿉장난’ 무대까지 준비 완료! 이게 다가 아니죠~
‘러빗’과 저세상 텐션으로 재미지게 놀았던 팬 사인회 현장까지 전격 팔로우!

‘Fantasy’ 속에나 존재할 것 같은 도도한 여신들?! 놉!
그 모습 뒤에 숨어있는, 함께 ‘소꿉장난’ 치고 싶은 세상 친근한 귀요미들!!
‘이리와’~♡ [promiSINGER] ‘핑크판타지’의 매력 속으로~

Meet the members of Pink Fantasy on this week’s promiSINGER!

Daewang (대왕)
▷ POSITION: Mystery member
▷ TRADEMARK: Cute, engaging, mysterious rabbits

▷ 포지션: 미스터리
▷ 소개: 자타공인 ‘핑크판타지’ 센터! 365일 토끼 탈과 함께 하는 귀요미 마스코트♡

Aini (아이니)
▷ POSITION: Lead rap, Sub vocals
▷ TRADEMARK: Everyone looks up to PF’s big sis!

▷ 포지션: 리더&맏언니, 리드 래퍼, 서브 보컬▷ 소개: 코피 퐝- 터지는 몸매에~ 눈부신 미모까지~ 너무 다 가진 거 ‘아이니’~?

SeeA (시아)
▷ POSITION: Main vocals
▷ TRADEMARK: Voice that’ll make you melt

▷ 포지션: 메인 래퍼, 메인보컬
▷ 소개: 래퍼와 보컬리스트 자유자재로 넘나드는 능력甲! 비글비글 잔망美는 덤~

Yechan (예찬)
▷ POSITION: Main vocals
▷ TRADEMARK: Voice that’ll make you melt

▷ 포지션: 메인보컬▷ 소개: 한 번 들으면 녹아버릴 수밖에 없는, 매력적인 꿀 성대 소유한 보이스퀸 ♥

SangA (상아)
▷ POSITION: Rap, Sub vocals
▷ POSITION: Lead vocals, Lead dancer
▷ TRADEMARK: Strong, graceful and passionate

▷ 포지션: 리드보컬, 리드 댄서
▷ 소개: 여성스러움이란 이런 것! 가만히 있어도 청순美 뿜뿜하는 상여자

Yubeen (유빈)
▷ POSITION: Lead vocals, Main dancer
▷ TRADEMARK: Big charisma in a petite package

▷ 포지션: 리드 보컬, 메인 댄서
▷ 소개: 작은 체구에서 뿜어내는 카리스마! 독보적 춤선 자랑하는 댄서 중의 댄서

Harin (하린)
▷ POSITION: Sub vocals, Lead dancer
▷ TRADEMARK: Refreshing breath of fresh air wherever she goes

▷ 포지션: 서브 보컬, 리드 댄서
▷ 소개: ‘상큼함’이 인간화된다면 그건 하린! 톡톡 튀는 ‘핑크판타지’ 분위기메이커

Arang (아랑)
▷ POSITION: Main dancer, Sub vocals, Maknae (youngest)
▷ TRADEMARK: Super sweet with secret Muay Thai skills

▷ 포지션: 막내, 메인 댄서, 서브 보컬
▷ 소개: 사랑스러운 애교만점 막내♡ 그 뒤에 숨겨진 박력 무에타이 실력 ‘아랑’~?

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  1. I'm kinda new to K-pop but so far these girls are my favorite group but they have almost no music out. I need more music to consume! Gah!

  2. this is really insightful and shows how incredible each of the members are, and what a strong vision the entire mydoll team has for them. I already liked them but I’m truly rooting for them after watching this, pink fantasy fighting!! 💗💗💗

  3. They would really fit a more dark/intense concept like rock and trap, I hope they get more attention and groooow just found them and I stan

  4. I'm currently in the process of stanning them and man I already love these girls, they deserve the world and are incredibly talented! 🥺

  5. Pink Fantasy is a talented group with good music. I hope they have success. It's nice to see a CEO who cares a lot for them, and can relate with them because of personal experience.

  6. 제가 어린이여서 콘서트 못가는데 어른돼서 콘서트 가면 응원 열심히 할게요ㅠㅠㅠ

  7. Sorry to say but i think daewang is a man. I look it by the thumbnail. His foot just like an ordinary guy.

  8. [Dance Practice]
    Kim Heejung (Aini) [Black Sweater, black pants]
    Kang Eunyoung (SeeA) [Brown sweater and pants]
    Kim Yechan [White shirt and black and white joggers]
    Cho Yubeen/Yubin [Brown shirt and black leggings]
    Lee SangA [Black Leggings and blue sweater]
    Park Geunhye (Harin) [Black Pants and Pink t-shirt]
    Park Yerim (Arang) [Blue/Brown shirt and black pants]
    Daewang-Nim [The Rabbit]
    They are Pink Fantasy
    (Sorry if it's wrong)

  9. Just look how excited was at the fansing event, they really expressed their love and joy.
    Sorry I’m crying
    Stan pink fantasy, stream playing house

  10. sanga might’ve been kicked out of her previous group but she debuted before they did so who’s the real winner

  11. the CEO debuted not once but twice with aini ! they were heejung and yumi of kirots and aini and chie of uniz 🙂

  12. It's hard not to support PF after hearing their story, I found them through one of Yechan's cover songs yesterday and really like how Mydoll looks after them when the rest of the industry has such a troubling track record. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next!

  13. I'm so proud of our girls for working so hard; I'm stanning the right group!!!!
    I watched this video three times already and getting to know everyone involved with this group is amazing!

  14. I love Pink Fantasy since its debut! I don't know why they don't have more fans TT
    I hope with this video among more people to fandom!
    I love them from Argentina!

  15. Las amo 😍♥️
    Me encantó su debut (iriwa) y cuando conocí a las integrantes me enamoré completamente del grupo. Son muy lindas, tiernas y talentosas, me encantaría que más gente las conociera. Merecen puro amor 🙁 💕

    Thank you for making this mini documentary! It was so nice too see the behind the scenes of the stages and background stories of each member. I hope many people would see this and fall for them too. THANK YOU!


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