P!nk – Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (Official Video)

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43 thoughts on “P!nk – Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (Official Video)”

  1. A BIG bucket list for me is getting to one concert to watch Pink! She is awesome! She is who she is and if you don't like it kiss her ass! You rock Pink! Thank you!

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  3. Deliziosa….. Che voce incredibile….. Mi trasmette sempre molte emozioni…… 😘😍❤️🎧🎶🎵

  4. I was striving to be a strong VOICE like her until Iraq stole me. I am reclaiming my voice with an even stronger passion! I will never claim political sides here because it is irrelevant! I joined the military to protect ALL AMERICANS. Having said that, I am beyond saddened and angry over where OUR nation stands right now. I did not give up my body and mind for this, and MY COMRADES DID NOT DIE FOR THIS! This is not the AMERICA we gave our souls to protect.
    Yet, all military continues to selflessly fight so you all have the right to be free and act as you wish. No life is worth less than YOUR soul. Every AMERICAN fallen in AMERICA by the hands of inexcusable violence equals 10 AMERICAN SOLDIERS lives that fought so you could do it! Enough is enough. I lost a lot and am changed because of Iraq. I am eternally grateful and cursed to have the heart and soul I do today. I am broken, but stronger because of it. I have my mother’s heart and I know I will die giving every last bit of love and hope to this world. Never forget. Always strive for BETTER

  5. This song is powerful in many ways and she is so amazing I cry every time I hear this song because it is just so amazing and I love her voice

  6. I love pink I was sooo lucky to go to her concert in Texas I was in noise bleed sheets here she came on a cable like God sent her to me she was shaking hands then hugged me said we are going to rise to the top to me every song is like my life
    Thank you pink keep doing what your doing keep picking me up

  7. Listening to this in George Floyd week. People of all colors have stood for one cause. Unlike in my country(Uganda) president has ruled for 30 years and protests ain’t allowed here

  8. I sang the main lyrics to my girlfriend Once, " There's not enough rope to tie Me down, there's Not enough Tape to shut this mouth ". She said, Oh Really , shall we go to My Dungeon and test that Theory Out !?? I should mention here, my girlfriend works as Professional Dominatrix!!!

  9. Pink helps on alot of shit others go threw. I mean you speak to much. You have to be careful on what you tell others. Cause you to loose your best friend.

  10. Thank you have always inspired me ever since I was little and I’ve always wanted to meet you but I’m just that Eva in the right place my name is Willow or self and I think your daughter’s name is Willow as well so yeah

  11. The subtle use of ASL signs throughout this video and the presence of an interpreter on stage with her at the Grammys warms my heart as a Deaf individual. She always embraces the misfits, and it's so empowering.

  12. when the rich steal from the poor they call it business
    when the poor steal to live they call it violence

    theres a dresscode for woman because the men will get distracted

    people get killed/beaten up for something they believe in

    it is a serious thing to be alive in this broken world.

  13. VICTIM or VICTOR. But you choose. Same word almost. Last two letters. I'm. Or last two letters or. Two different ways of living. Always pick victory no matter the circumstances.


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