PINY Institute Of New York – The Cover Up (S1 – EP41) 🌟♫🌟 Cartoons in English for Kids

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The Cover Up (S1 – EP41):
PINY students are excited about Sports Week, all except Michelle and Julia who seem to have more important matters on their minds. Having to compete against each other is not going to improve the situation at all.

Are you an adventurous girl? Do you love sports and action? Then, PINY is your Institute!!!!

Here at the PINY institute, we are conscious of the fact that all of us have our own special talent hidden within, and that if we don’t use and fuel these talents,they won’t shine. These talents grow when we do what we truly love; drawing, singing a song, designing a dress, shooting a basket…… and we share these talents with everyone else. No one should ever try to heed us from using our talents, but rather help them grow.

For this reason, here at PINY, there are no books, we learn through painting, dancing, or singing. PINY is the only school where the classes are cooler than recess and where the only duties given are to do what we truly love, better.

You already have the talent within. All you have to do is let it shine!!!!

❤ Discover our toys: Michelle, Julia, the institute, the dareway and PINY catwalk!!!

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Music: Guille Milkyway
Lyrics: Paul Bevoir y Guille Milkyway
Performed by Ali Howard
Music Supervision: Luis Calvo (Elefant Records)


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