Pinterest Button: SAVE or PIN IT Button For Website | Pinterest Widget – How to Install and Use?

Pinterest Button For Website (Pinterest SAVE Button) and Pinterest Widget – How to Install Pinterest Share button on a WordPress Site and how to use it to grow Pinterest traffic fast!
Are you looking for a simple step by step instruction that will show you how to add Pinterest SAVE Buttons to your website to help users share your content and make it viral?

Pinterest PIN IT button is just an old name for the Pinterest SAVE button, the functionality is the same. Pinterest button (Firefox, Chrome) are just Pinterest extensions for browsers, they are not installed on your website but the also help users share your content.

If you are looking to learn how to use a Pinterest PIN IT button for images, you are in the right place! I am showing you in this video, how to easily set Pinterest Buttons on your site, and make sure they work great on both – desktop computers and on mobile devices.

Social Pug plugin allows you to set all of this, including PIN IT hover buttons which show up on top of each image on your website.

Get Social Pug here:




Free Plugins for Pinterest SAVE buttons on WordPress:
jQuery Pin It Button for Images
Social Share Buttons & Toolkit by Social Snap


So our goal is to make it easy for users to share images from your site on Pinterest.

Most of the people just add the Pinterest save button along with other social sharing buttons at the very end of the post. Chances that someone will scroll down to the bottom of the page, or read your post entirely and then find the sharing buttons, are quite low.

All the functionality which I mentioned and showed you so far, is available in Social Pug plugin. You’ll need a paid version of it but it’s very affordable – for one site it’s just about $30/year.
I use this plugin in particular because of all the additional settings it provides to make sharing on Pinterest easy and efficient.

What Social Pug allows you to do is pre-fill pin descriptions so when a user clicks on a save button, a long, Pinterest-optimized description with hashtags will show up under the image, and all the user needs to do is click SAVE.

Another way would be using Pinterest’s official SAVE button and Pinterest widget.

Here you have several types of Pinterest buttons – SAVE button, Follow button, embedded pin widget, Pinterest profile link, and board widget that allows you to add a link to a specific board.

As you can see, this official implementation is more difficult for people who don’t want to mess up with the code of the site.

I also wanted to warn you that I heard about all official Pinterest widgets that they might slow down your page speed significantly. And this is a bad user experience but also it means that your pages will suffer in Google search results as page speed is one of the ranking factors.

So, I would be careful using Pinterest’s official widgets and if you just need to add a SAVE button, simply use the Social pug plugin that will make it easy for your and for your site visitors to share pins from your site.

I also have to mention that there are plenty of free social sharing plugins which can do similar things but I haven’t seen any plugin except Social Pug which can do ALL the things I mentioned to optimize your Pinterest sharing at this level.

For example, most of the free plugins will not offer you a hover image SAVE button. So you might need to install two plugins, a separate plugin just for custom hover buttons. While in Social pug you can do all of this, and more.

For example, you can go to each image settings and decide that some images on your page shouldn’t be pinnable. Sometimes you have horizontal images on the page and you want to make sure they don’t show up as options for saving pins – you only want your vertical images optimized for Pinterest to be available for saving. You can even set this in Social Pug.

But I also understand that for a beginner when your site is not making any money yet, you might want to use a couple of free plugins to replace all the features of an all-in-one advanced paid plugin.

So, if that’s the case, you’ll find in the description below the video a couple of links to free WordPress plugins that can help you add the SAVE buttons to your site, but again, I can’t give you promises about the quality of any free plugins because of all the reasons I already mentioned.


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  1. Which social sharing plugin do you prefer and how well does it works for your Pinterest traffic? Let me know 👇👇👇

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Anastasia! This video is so informative. Appreciate the effort and value you put into this content 😍

  3. I've been watching your videos and great tips! I'm having a problem and I don't even know how to ask the question really. I made graphics for pins in canva. I'm trying to upload them into my recipe posts but the photos are cut off. I can adjust the layout on the post grid and get the images to show in some places, but when I click on the actual recipe it's cut off and when I click the pin icon, the image is cut off and not formatted for Pinterest. Will this all be fixed when I load Social Pug? I was taking it in steps 1) write recipes 2) upload pinable images 3) social pug and put in SEO. I don't want to waste my time placing on the images on my recipes if I've done something wrong I'll need to correct later. Here's a link to show you what I mean: – you can see the one image I added formatted for Pinterest this is what it looks like when I actually open that post
    Will social pug fix this?
    Thank you!!

  4. I've just given up on Pinterest as it's gone from being really really useful to being really really useless in the space of a year. I have no idea what they have done to the site but when I started using it I was able to quickly and efficiently collect and collate all the images I saw that I thought might be of use in illustrating my roleplaying game and it quickly became the place to go for WFRP related images. Now I can't even work out how to capture an image the Pin button seems to have disappeared and the new Chrome App button never seems to work even when it says it does which it rarely does anyway. To make matters worse for some reason all the carefully collated images that I have already collected and categorised into Character, Locations, Battle Boards; Objects & Treasure or Map Art have been corrupted by what looks like hundreds of random images for rubbish. So I open my Locations Galley and its full of mermaids, and fluffy bunnies, and dragons and any number of random images that have nothing to do with the subject. Can't be bothered to work out what the heck has happened and even if it worked it would take years to go through and delete all the crap. Thoroughly disgusted.


    Kindly guide me I want to create websites same like this ,tell me how to create from beginning….😃🤷

  6. I purchased Social Pug from the link in your description, but I can't get the Pin description and the Pin Id to work. I entered the right pin id and description but it doesn't work when someone tries to repin my image. I use Thrive Architect as a page builder. Could that be the problem?

  7. Thanks Anastasia,
    I have downloaded the files from social Pug to my desktop but I cant see the install option. Am i missing a step?

  8. My youtube page doesn't include Pinterest in the Share button…! I can't share youtube videos in my Pinterest page directly. Can you help, please?

  9. Hello Anastasia. I am thinking of buying both your courses but I want to know if its getting updates. Because you said pinterest search engine is getting smarter. I want to know if your strategies are still working from this day on. Your sincerly, Wikesh Ramgatie

  10. A quick tip for everyone, if you wanna be successful with pinterest, just go and look at successful people in your niche and see what type of font, colour, title, description they are using.Go to their website and see what kind of affiliate products they are promoting, courses they are promoting, make a note in an excel and apply for all of it. See what kind of call to action they use, how they disclose their affiliate disclaimer, etc etc.. Just follow their profile , day in and day out like a detective for one month and reverse engineer. Day one on Month 2, you gonna know 80% of your competitor is doing. This applies for any platform. Hope it helps!

  11. Hello Anatasia, I was thinking to buy both your courses but I am not a blogger. I want to sell Jewellery and Tech. I want to dropship. Is your course still valuable for this type of thing. It is to expensive for me so I want to be shure I invest invest in the right things.

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    Wikesh Ramgatie


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