Pink Pepper – The Oil of True Love

Pink Pepper is a totally unrelated plant to the better known Black Pepper. This quick-growing plant, native to regions within South America, reaches about 15 metres tall, and the upper branches are unique because they tend to droop. Small, white flowers gather at the ends of the drooping branches and grow fruit with woody seeds. Pink Peppercorn essential oil is steam distilled from these fruits. It still has a spicy aroma like Black Pepper, but also possesses floral and fruity notes. Pink Pepper has been a sacred tree to the local indigenous people for centuries. They have utilised the plant’s fruit for thousands of years and their knowledge has now been passed on leading to Pink Pepper’s popularity in aromatherapy.

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11 thoughts on “Pink Pepper – The Oil of True Love”

  1. When the student is ready, then shall the guides appear. 🙏🏾
    Give Thanx.

    So timely.
    I have been doing the work… this is the next piece.

    …and yes, I am a Libra

  2. I love to use a blend of Geranium and Pink Pepper – makes a wonderful pure fume and the pink pepper cuts the floralness of the Geranium. Does incredible things for your self care and self love.

  3. I love this oil, I find it to be super supportive & encouraging! It smells beautiful & bright with a spark of warmth & joy. Thank you for sharing the benefits of this wonderful oil 🍇✨💧

  4. I asked three siblings who visited me today, to intuitive pick an oil each for me to put in my diffuser. One chose Pink Pepper, another chose Lime and the third picked Patchouli. I have been inhaling this all day and found it very centering, self-accepting and uplifting <3

  5. Here in Corfu Greece there is a huge tree in a church entrance
    It's so beautiful
    Thank you Adam for a great video xxxxxx


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