Pingzapper – Setting it up (Manual Mode) & Using it as a Proxy

Here I go through how to set up Pingzapper in manual mode and how to use Pingzapper to protect your IP on Teamspeak 3 and potentially Skype. Towards the end of the clip I also discuss how to choose a ping reducer for yourself.

1:15 Discusses what a Ping Reducing Service is, and other brands amongside PZ.
6:03 How to choose a ping reducer suitable for you.

Comments and questions welcomed.

If you happen to sign up for PZ please use my referral link: (once you pay for the service we’d both get free time =) )

Please note ping reducing services are NOT hacks (as long as they don’t mess with your game files)!


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22 thoughts on “Pingzapper – Setting it up (Manual Mode) & Using it as a Proxy”

  1. whenever i start up my games (ragnarok online), it always update the game patch every fuckin time, as if i never update the game patch. addressed the problem to support team but no help and response. wasted my money. this app is garbage.

  2. WTF Pingzapper i dont work couz the master switch on top cant be turn on WTF how to turn on the master switch!!!


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