PingZapper License Key is Invalid Fix


Some info :

ss5capengine_pingzapper.exe is the original file
ss5capengine_pingzapperFix.exe modified file

Mirror1 :
Mirror2 :

Tested on Windows 7 and 10

how to start :

1. Make backup of your old ss5capengine_pingzapper.exe
2. Rename my ss5capengine_pingzapperFix.exe to ss5capengine_pingzapper.exe
3. Put it in your pingzapper folder PingzapperEngine for example in C:Program Files (x86)PingzapperEngine
4. Open pingzapper and enable tunneling when it will be patched close program and put original file back.

Based on copyright to Pingzapper and networktunnel owners this patch has been created for education purpose to fix issue with License Key
after patching required is to use original file.

Greetings, Wanda88


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27 thoughts on “PingZapper License Key is Invalid Fix”

  1. Bro i have a problem with pingzapper when i run the program start to alt tab me out and dont work idk why this happend

  2. help please, i dont know if my pingzapper is working since when I start the game there is no "Game is tunnel via ——–" in pingzapper please help

  3. have u experienced getting bsod when u open pz and open a game? like sometimes i get bsod when pz is on so some games i need to deal with high ping.

  4. Do you have any fix for the website? Or know anything what is happening in the website? Cant verify my email, error keeps popping up Thanks please.

  5. Browsers won't let me download it saying it's a virus and no edits to the registry will fix it. Are you able to upload it to a different hosting site?


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