Pingxi Taiwan, Cinematic Travel Vlog *MUST GO!*

Pingxi a quaint little town in Taiwan where you can RAISE LANTERNS and stroll around it’s scenic streets. Join us on our cinematic travel film of Pingxi Taiwan


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Music by by Lakey Inspired: Moving On

In Love (feat. Nori) by A Himitsu
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18 thoughts on “Pingxi Taiwan, Cinematic Travel Vlog *MUST GO!*”

  1. Outstanding! You were right: it feels different from the other regular ones. I truly enjoyed it. You did well to convince Mayu into wearing that dress, she looks lovely. Did you use a filter during the filming or was it all from your manual 50 mm? Colors felt richer, albeit not better, just a unique style. The editing blows my mind in this vid; plus the choice of music. You keep raising the bar, Ethan. It shows you're passionate about this and good at it.

    16:25: are these Koss headphones you're using, Ethan?!!! One of my all-time favorite models. Good bass. This model is so good that they're still selling it after 35 years (with few adjustments, e.g. foldable).

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  3. Really enjoyed the artistic style of this vlog, quiet times along with the music (1st time noticing music) illustrating the unique scenery. Slow, fast, storytelling was fascinating, lots of editing I assume. Tell Mayu her dress was the 'icing on the cake'. We viewers learn so much from the little comments you both provide. Really want to try all the ice creams and drinks you both sampled. Those noodles looked soooo good too. Great to see you enjoy each trip with laughter and happiness to be there.

    Guessing as you get farther away from tourist areas, English becomes rare, similar the Thai countryside. Keep up the great work.

  4. Your stuff about Asia is GREAT!!! We just arrived ourselves here again and we watch lots of your videos! The film was BEAUTIFUL!, Maybe we'll run into you in Bangkok one day! 🙂


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