Pin It Button Chrome – Install Pinterest Save Button Chrome Extension

In this video tutorial I will show you how to install Install Pinterest Save Button Chrome Extension. The Pinterest Save Button Chrome Extension is a useful tool for pinning images to your Pinterest Boards. The tool gives you the ability to pin images directly from your website with a few simple mouse clicks. I often use the Pinterest Save Button to pin example of my work to various pinterst boards. Pin It Button Chrome Tutorial.

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6 thoughts on “Pin It Button Chrome – Install Pinterest Save Button Chrome Extension”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Although I followed your instruction and got the Pinterst Save Button on top, but it does not work at all. I am not sure what is the problem with it. Also when I look at an image & try to mark it with small red P, not only work, but also, became gray in color! When I make a right click on it, it goes to a list of 1)This can Read . . . . 2)Options 3)Remove from Chrome 4)Hide in Chrome Menu – then under a line there is Manage Extensions , Inspect Pop-up which is inactive. Please write me what is wrong. I am using Window 10. Many thanks

  2. The pin button used to work for me, but since a year ago it stopped working. I have tested it on various PC running chrome. When i click on the pin save button on the image, there is a page telling me to "Choose a pin to save" but there is no picture to be selected. I thought it was tumblr issues at first but i noticed i couldnt get it working on other sites as well.

  3. it doesn't allow you to add your own description though. it did that in the past. now you have to go to the board you added it to and a title and description!

  4. The Pinterest button doesnt appear at the corner of each image though in the image google search like in Safari. In Chrome one has to click on each image first, open it and than the Pinterest button appear. It takes much longer… SO annoying, really crap. Only using it in Safari.


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