Pastel Theme Preset Tutorial – FREE Lightroom Mobile Preset

How to edit a Pastel Tone Filter in Lightroom Mobile STEP by STEP – FREE PASTEL LIGHTROOM PRESET! Easy steps to create your own preset in Lightroom Mobile CC – I hope you enjoy! #LightroomPresets

Please let me know if you have requests for certain lightroom preset theme tutorials in the comments below. I am so excited for my VERY first Lightroom Presets Tutorial! There will be a series to help you create an aesthetic instagram. If you use this preset please tag me in your pics I would love to share them!

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40 thoughts on “Pastel Theme Preset Tutorial – FREE Lightroom Mobile Preset”

  1. Do you have a DNG link for this preset? A locked link with a password is what most preset channels do to guarantee watch time. I’d be amazing if you could link it!! Thank you so much. This is amazing and much appreciated!

  2. Do you think Lightroom is worth the subscription fee? Since I’m in Canada it would come to almost $15 Canadian per month. I want what’s best for editing raw format photo reproductions of my art that I will intend to sell as professional high quality prints. I just don’t know if I want to pay for something f monthly once I upgrade my MacBook and will no longer be able to use photoshop cs6.
    Would love to know your thoughts on Lightroom.
    Once my art starts selling enough I should be able to write off the cost. Oh and adobe makes Canadians pay Canadian sales tax on top of that approximate $15 Canadian five or take a couple dollars.

  3. Completely awesome video while I have learned so much going to play catch up on some more videos,, As always ascending peace love and joy your way

  4. You have no idea of how much I needed to see this vid!! THANK YOUUU FOR ALWAYS SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH US ❤❤❤❤

  5. Hey! ❤ I'm kinda new here on your channel and I just wanna say that your videos are really awesome and entertaining to watch so I'm pretty glad I found your channel! Also, your daughter is adorableee ❤❤😁 I recently just entered one of your giveaways and I'm really excited to see who wins! 😀💖


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