Outward: Easy Beginner Guide (How To Get Set Up)

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22 thoughts on “Outward: Easy Beginner Guide (How To Get Set Up)”

  1. This game is so stupid. downloaded, got 5 stupid quest, have no idea how to complete them like where the fuck is blue sand? bullshit. almost deleted.

  2. When he was walking back up the hill after helping the guy theres another stump with blue moss on it always keep an eye out for those too!

  3. Sorry but the combat system is the biggest piece of trash in RPG history and for that reason alone the game sucks and its unplayable at all. Makes morrowinds combat look dynamic

  4. 3:11 duel wielding does exist i honesty dont even understand the inventory system enoughh to know how i did that but you 100% can

  5. Very Helpful video. I blindly bought this game because I heard from friends that it was fun. I jumped on and was sooo lost. Thanks for the info

  6. I think you're missing the entire point of the game when you winge about not having a class, the ability to use magic right away or the style of the combat. the game is trying to be somewhat realistic and illustrate the point that you are a regular bloke not the savior of the world and everything you get you will 100% earn from scratch. video was good and you covered the basics +1


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