Outward Beginner's Guide: 5 Things You Should Do Before Leaving Chersonese

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20 thoughts on “Outward Beginner's Guide: 5 Things You Should Do Before Leaving Chersonese”

  1. Ha, i went to the top of the mountain and then found a door where i could skip most of the monsters. I need to revisit when i am more powerful……or bring a LOT more arrows.

  2. Ok blue sand armour is way better and arguably easier to get than ammolite, blue sand is almost endgame tier and you can achieve immunity to all damage with blue sand and some buffs

  3. "A few shield spells" and "nothing in the starting are to allow you to be a mage" huh? Spellsword, plus the wind shaman guy, gives you a BIG headstart. Instead of taking the shield spell from the Spellsword trainer in the starting village, take the one that lets you shoot the element of your choice from your blade. Reveal Soul (which you can get for free after getting Mana) combined with spark will refill your mana, and the conjure spell is super helpful when you find (or provide them yourself from bandits) bodies, giving you a skeleton/spirit for five-ish minutes that will tank and deal damage.

  4. This is a terrible starting build guide. Don't ever spend more than 1 on magic, until you actually have your skills. If you're going mage you want to go through ghost gate to the wind shrine to learn the like necromancy/shamanism style magic lol. There are also some much harder dungeons there that you can't do without at least most of your build. I would say 1000 to 2000 silver. It lets your get the important part of your build, making it easier to grind. It's also easier to make money in most of the other areas, and get more useful crafting stuff. Don't ever waste money on recipes, just figure them out, most are obvious. Money is basically your xp lol. Hoarde that crap until full build. Other than that, the rest is pretty good advice except the vendavel fort idea. Do vendeval as the story quest, you'll be much better prepared for it.

  5. when I started playing I didn't know that i should stay in the starting area for a while because the main quest immediatly tells you to go to another region. I was quite frustrated with the difficult enemies in the other areas, and only then i went back to the starting area.

  6. You make it sound like it's easy to just go through the section to get mana at the beginning of the game. Me and another person went into that entrance and are getting destroyed with beginner gear.

  7. This game get easy very fast if you overequip or have no problem with the survival aspect of the game, avoid exploiting money marking methods or similar, you will ruind your gameplay and makes it very short.


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