Opening Minecraft Cards and Toys

Today on this funboxing friday we surprise ourselves with some Minecraft cards and toys!

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Welcome to the Chadtronic Pokemon channel!

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37 thoughts on “Opening Minecraft Cards and Toys”

  1. "This is how you know the names of the characters" theirs nothing wrong with it, but it does hurt my soul on a inner level .

  2. I knew just by looking at you, you would do the annoying voice guy nerd thing. Thanks for being one of the few predictable things in life.

  3. You duffer you don't know Minecraft also you are that forest man you are friend the minecraft you are that affect the thief

  4. I find it funny how minecraft get's mocked because it was so popular it was seen as bad. Why can't we just play video games for the sake of enjoyment. baldi's basics is also getting crap for it cause people would much rather mock it then play it 😛

  5. Guys, just let the casual community enjoy our goddamn game. Seriously, all the cringey kids? Probably transfered over to Fortnite.
    (Edit): I know this is 2 years lare but whatever. IDC


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