Nascar 15 – Career – Daytona – Daytona 500

Nascar 15 – Career – 100% Difficulty – Daytona – Daytona 500

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34 thoughts on “Nascar 15 – Career – Daytona – Daytona 500”

  1. You drive very well, liked this video. Liked the fact that You don't push because It increase engine temperature, that You keep your line, and the fact you drive very well in outside line, It Is very difficult. 👍

  2. What difficult is this? This was awesome. I think this motorsport is has some kind of art that much people can't even seen yet…

  3. Why did a few cars (Kenseth, Boyer, Hamlin etc.) have bigger spoilers? Was that a thing in 2015, I don't remember that being a thing.

  4. What the hell happened with the right fender bulging up like that all of a sudden? Didn't look like anything hit it.

  5. dude the only thing you need to improve on is your lane decisions. You keep losing the draft and that's why you always fall back so much.

  6. I had my car setup to run 215 to 220 in the draft…I had Daytona setup and would run those speeds at Talladega

  7. I used to think that nascar is lame and boring, until i tried this game with wheel, been drafting for 15 laps and couldn't keep my cool, caused a massive 10+ car wreck. That changed the way i look at this motorsport.


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