[MV] 버스터즈 (Busters) – Pinky Promise

Busters ‘Pinky Promise’
Bold transformation from adorable girls!!
Busters, who showcased their cute and upbeat personalities through ‘Dream on’ and ‘Grapes’, are back with a mature concept. Save their refreshing songs that will keep you cool this hot summer in your playlist now!!
Buster’s new album, ‘Pinky Promise’ is extremely unique as it is comprised of songs from various genres. Their title song, ‘Pinky Promise’ is a dreamy pop that features a bold yet clean beat and a trendy arrangement, making it the perfect song for summer.
The composition of their pre-released side track, ‘Starlight’ is also very interesting. Their album also includes tracks from sugar pop, ‘Sour Sweet’, comprised of cute phrases that is filled with adorableness, to ‘Lucky Lucky’ that is based on a deep, funky sound that highlights Busters’ vocals, to ‘TuTuTu’, a medium tempo dance song with a 90’s retro vibe.
This album is more than enough to build anticipation for Buster’s future promotions. The members of Busters are improving tremendously with time and we cannot wait to see their progress and their music in the future.

버스터즈 ‘Pinky Promise’
귀여운 소녀들의 과감한 변신!!

[내꿈꿔], [포도포도해]로 귀엽고 통통 튀는 매력을 뽐내던 버스터즈가 보다 성숙해진 모습으로
다가왔다. 더운 여름 청량하고 시원한 음악으로 당신의 플레이리스트에 저장!!

버스터즈의 새로운 앨범 ‘Pinky promise’는 다양한 장르의 음악이 담겨있는 것이 특징이다.
타이틀곡 ‘Pinky Promise’는 화려하면서 깔끔하게 정제된 비트에, 세련된 편곡이 돋보이는 몽환적인 팝 사운드의 곡으로, 무더운 여름에 듣기 알맞은 곡이다.

선공개곡인 ‘별 헤는 밤’을 비롯한 수록곡의 구성도 흥미롭다.
큐티한 매력을 가득 담아 귀여운 단어들로 이루어진 슈가팝 ‘새콤달콤’,
Deep한 펑키 사운드를 기반으로 버스터즈의 보컬이 돋보이는 ‘Lucky Lucky’,
레트로한 90년대 가요 느낌의 미디움 템포 댄스곡인 ‘뚜뚜뚜’까지.

이번 버스터즈의 음반은 앞으로의 활동에 대한 기대감을 갖기에 충분하다.
시간이 지나면서 버스터즈의 멤버들도 성장하고 있다.
앞으로 이들이 성장하면서 들려 줄 음악이 어떨지 지켜 볼 가치가 있다.

01 별헤는밤 (Starlight)
Composed by 카제프, Keslo, 옐 / Written by 카제프, Keslo / Arranged by 카제프 / Chorus by 옐 / Recorded by 홍병현 @ Booming Sound / Mixing by DANN

02 Pinky Promise
Composed by Krysta Youngs, A Wright, TA Shark / Written by Lucy / Arranged by TA Shark / Chorus by 김지혜 / Recorded by 이상덕 @ Velvet studio / Tune by 강민구 / Mixing by 윤원권

03 새콤달콤 (Sour Sweet)
Composed by 롤리팝, KINGMAKER / Written by 롤리팝, KINGMAKER / Arranged by 롤리팝, KINGMAKER / Chorus by HEE / String & Keyboard 임은진 / Recorded by 유영호 @ Madsound lab / Mixing by MAVEN @ Madsound lab

04 Lucky Lucky
Composed by 카제프, 옐 / Written by 카제프, 옐, 천둥 / Arranged by 카제프 / Chorus by 옐 / Recorded by 홍병현 @ Booming Sound / Mixing by Dann

05 뚜뚜뚜 (TuTuTu)
Composed by Melody Shaker / Written by Melody Shaker / Arranged by Melody Shaker / Chorus by 김민지 / Recorded by 홍병현 @ Booming Sound / Mixing by Dann

Mastering by 박정언 @ Honey Butter Studio

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  1. Vine por que dije que les daría una oportunidad, pero realmente son muy buenas y tiernas, ya casi me vi todos sus mvs 😅 merecen más apoyo tienen mucho talento

  2. Vamos dar visualizações nos grupos de kpop para os grupos não acabar e para ter idol BR curta os vídeos de kpop e peça para as pessoas participar

  3. Alguém me atualiza que tô perdida, quais dessas meninas ainda estão no grupo? Foi olhar o Insta delas e eu não reconheci ninguem e vi que tinha meninas novas

  4. Extraño la alineación principal, siempre lo diré.
    Igualmente mi comeback fav es este, Pinky Promise merecía más reconocimiento y stream.

  5. Their uniforms look like high school uniforms in Indonesia🤔 but it's okay I like them and they look beautiful in that uniform💙❤️😊


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