Moodboard Collection and Pinterest Explanation ~Flower Moxie

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It’s easy to see an bouquet and say “I luuuuve this!”, but it may be hard to figure out the types of flowers that have been used or flowers that would give you a similar vibe. We decided to take the guess work out of it for you and create ‘Moodboard Collections’.

This collections are attached to a Pinterest board so you can see MANY visual representations of similar colors, styles, and flowers. On each board we have the following:
~ Design Board
~ Pinterest Link
~ S-L packages
~ Printable Floral Recipes
~ All the flowers that work within that vibe


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3 thoughts on “Moodboard Collection and Pinterest Explanation ~Flower Moxie”

  1. So exciting! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your flowers and your creativity! It was a pleasure working with y'all a few months ago.


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