Mafia 4 – Everything We Know

The Mafia series is one of the most notable game series to have cinematic storytelling and gameplay that keeps the players hooked for hours on end. Mafia 3 was released in 2016, and fans have been waiting to see how the series will move forward after the lukewarm response to Mafia 3. So let’s break down everything we know about Hangar 13’s upcoming Mafia 4. Including the leaks, rumors, and news from Take-Two.

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47 thoughts on “Mafia 4 – Everything We Know”

  1. I hope they don't rush it like Mafia 3 that had so much potential judging from the first few missions, but failed in the rest of the game..

  2. For it to be in the 80s would be amazing because a lot of mob movies were based in the 1980s (Good fellas casino ect)

  3. I hate mafia 3. It’s so bad. I wanna play as Italian in any mafia game. Mafia 1 and mafia 2 were great. If it is the same shit as mafia 3 I won’t even bother.

  4. Man l hope this game is not like maffia 3 were you could not finish the game lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😡 and it's a shame cuz the game was so good has well men 👍👌

  5. they can make a game about this generations gangster if they really wanted to and put glocks in it i really want glocks in a game maybe gta 6 will have them

  6. Most underrated series ever. All the mafia's now a good games and if you don't agree with that. All have good stories. Mafia 3 wasn't that bad either and definitely has the best open world.

  7. If they’re going to do – decade span in Vegas, would it be 1970-1980? Or 1969-1979? It would kinda be interesting if the game started off on New Year’s Day 1969.

  8. I hope the emphasis will be on the story and not that much on building the casino. Mafia 1 and 2 are, at least as far as I am concerned, great games mostly because of their stories. The 3rd installment is unfortunately somewhat controversial due to lack of creativity in mission design and emptiness of the world. Again the only thing good about mafia 3 is the story but this time the ending was not really the best. The multiple endings option was quite poorly executed and just made the game more confusing.
    Anyway the franchise is still alive thankfully and I really hope for a good mafia 4 game. 😎

  9. After Mafia 4 they should just make the Next game a Reboot of the Series with a new story and characters set again in the 1930s

  10. I just finished Mafia 3. Mafia 4 needs motorcycles, helicopters and airplanes. Also you need to be able to carry more weapons and equipment.

  11. Just imagine for a moment how beautiful a 1970's mafia game would be. The building and expanding I think will really help as an addition to this game. I love watching things go from ruins to completion. I hope these rumors are true. Player customization will change this game for me in a positive way.

  12. I hope Vito would have some sort of cameo or mention in this game since he has something to do with every game

    Mafia 1 : he kills tommy Angelo
    Mafia 2 : he is the protagonist
    Mafia 3 : he is an underboss
    I know it’s highly unlikely that he would make an appearance since you have the option to kill him in mafia 3,which they couldn’t predict if you have or have not done,but a name drop or something would be cool

  13. Mafia III wasn't a mafia game. Sure, the Mafia were involved but not the centre. Which is what Mafia is all about. Hangover 13 left a huge gap into the series with Mafia III. A gap that needs to be filled.
    If they were to make a Mafia 4, set in the 80's. We still don't the a proper-mafia game set in the 60's… I'm curious as how they will fill this gap.

  14. Could Mafia 4 have multiplayer 2 3 and 4 cooperative OFF Line mode creating our own mobsters group cause online just lacking make the whole new game run slower

  15. I actually like all 3 Mafia games. The Casino style game better happen. It'd be a damn shame if we get a trashy/ Cliche story and empty game… I'd be okay with them using Rule Together or Leave Town. Rule Alone doesn't work.


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