League Cup Final (1967)

Wembley Stadium, London.

Start of the League Cup Final football match between Queens Park Rangers and West Bromwich Albion at Wembley Stadium. SV. The two teams walking out, West Brom on left, Rangers on right. GV. Wembley with teams lined up for inspection by Lord Mayor of London Sir Robert Bellinger, & LS. SV. Lord Mayor being introduced to West Brom. CU. Rangers player. CU. Pan as Lord Mayor is introduced to Mike Keen, Rangers Captain, who starts to take him down the line of players. CU. The Lord Mayor meeting Rangers players. LS. Packed crowd. GV. The two Captains and referee in centre for toss up. CU. Keen tosses coin the West Brom wins. GV. Rangers kick off. LS. Two players collide while going for the ball. GV. West Brom attack. LS. Ball comes into the centre, a West Brom. forward tries a shot but Peter Springett pushes the ball away. GV. West Brom attacking again. LS. Ball comes through to Clive Clark who steadies it and shoots past Springett into the net. LS. Players run to congratulate Clark. GV. Crowd cheering. LS. Rangers attacking. LS. The ball is passed to Les Allen who takes a shot. LS. As Rick Sheppard makes a great save. GV. West Brom attack. LS. Springett just manages to collect the ball on the line. GV. West Brom attack again, the ball is centred from the left wing. LS. Springett punches clear. GV. The ball goes to West Brom player who pushes it through middle to Brown. LS. As Brown passes to Clark who scores his second goal. LS. Players congratulating Clark. GV. Crowd cheering, half time score – Rangers 0, West Brom 2. GV. West Brom kick off for second half. GV. Mid field play. GV. Rangers now attacking, the ball goes to Mark Lazarus who beats two defenders, shoots and Sheppard makes a brilliant save. SV. Sheppard picks himself up. LS. Allen takes free kick just outside penalty area, Roger Morgan runs in and heads the ball into the net. LS. Players run jubilantly up the field. GV. Crowd cheer. LS. West Brom attack, Clark centres the ball. LS. As ball is headed clear from Rangers goal area.

LS. Rangers attack, Rodney Marsh with the ball, making for the right hand side of the goal. He shoots through a line of defenders to the left hand side of the goal beating Sheppard. The ball goes in off the post to equal the score. SV. Players congratulate Marsh. LS. Crowd cheering. GV. Rangers attacking. Hunt with the ball, Sheppard runs out and dives at Hunt’s feet but cannot hold ball. It rolls clear and Lazarus pounces on the ball and scores – Rangers 3, West Brom 2. GV. Crowd cheering. SV. The Lord Mayor presents the League Cup to Mike Keen. CU. Keen holds cup aloft. CU. Keen with the cup. SV. Supporter being pushed off pitch by police. SV. Rangers players running around with cup. GV. Players running with the cup as supporter runs from crowd leaping over fence with police in pursuit. SV. The supporter is made to leave the field. SV. Pan, Keen being carried shoulder high by team mates.
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