Kidnapped by the man who's obsessed with her | Korean Drama | Virgin Theory

(tw: attempted r*pe)
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About ‘Virgin Theory’ 한번도 안해본 여자
A 33-year-old virgin, struggling for love in search for Mr. Right, gets the quick lesson about the birds and the bees from her artist friend, who specializes in life drawings.

Hwang Woo Seul-hye,
Kim Sa-hee
Kim Jin-woo
Kim Jong-seok

Ahn Cheol-ho

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Virgin Theory 한번도 안해본 여자 | AsianCrush


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47 thoughts on “Kidnapped by the man who's obsessed with her | Korean Drama | Virgin Theory”


    ඇදලා අරගෙන ඇගේ අසමින් ඔහු දෙස බැන

  2. isn't he the guy who plays as one of the prosecutors in the kdrama While You Were Sleeping? but here he's younger. is it him at 2:50?

  3. لا يوجد احسن من قنات كوريا اونيو تلخص كل المسلسلات ههه بطريقة كوميدية

  4. شرا للاخت التي اعطني العنوان و هو اتحبينا هكذا و لكل الاشخاص ابذين افادوني بمعلومات عن اللغة الكورية لاني بصدد دراستها شكرا لكم


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