How to resurface a scratched DVD, CD, Game Disc – In 3 easy steps

UPDATE: Use a soft towel instead of news paper, because the metal clips can scratch the cd from the back and destroy the data

* this is the same method the machine: Jfj Easy Pro are using, we are just doing it manuel in the hand and not with the machine

This guide is a 3 step CD + DVD + Game repair guide for removing scratches:
1: check the scratchtes
2: Surface Smothing / grinding
3: Polishing

Make sure to polish it, so it shines and so its like a mirror. if its mat the lazer cannot read the data on the cd

Follow the guide in this video carefully and take care when working with the cd, by not damageing the data, then you can fix / repair a scratched CD, DVD or Game by your self.


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33 thoughts on “How to resurface a scratched DVD, CD, Game Disc – In 3 easy steps”

  1. if you had disc with less scratch BUT still not working, store it at cold temperature place. I've done this and its work! i was suprised!

    (sorry for my english) 🙂

  2. Just put your discs back in the box after you play them, or if they really are that badly scratched find a game store that uses a water disc resurfacing machine to make the discs look brand new….only costs 5-8$

  3. Bruh I literally used tooth paste a year after halo 4 came out for the xbox 360 because I bought a used copy and it worked idk how it worked but it worked EXPLAIN TO ME THIS WHY IT WORKED


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