How did pink become a girly color?

Jennifer Wright explains how the color pink became associated with girls.

Racked article:

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41 thoughts on “How did pink become a girly color?”

  1. It's just odd that the most common things are the ones we see, hear and feel are ones we don't usually ask how and why they began :-

  2. Pink is my least favorite color.
    I don't even like purple.
    I like black, green, blue, red, white, brown, orange, yellow.
    I like neon colors. I like pastel colors.

  3. At some point a refused to wear pink cuz i associated this color with barbie dolls, and i hated them since always

  4. It's like the world is the U.S…. It's so tiring to see history told from the same perspective over and over again… Really, Vox?

  5. Hitler used pink triangles to identify homosexuals and then the rest of the world started associating it with women she literally says after the war.

  6. I know this is kinda off topic but I'm a twin and when me and sister we're born (both females) my mom always dressed my sister pink and me in blue or sometimes purple people thought I was a boy if the saw my outfit ( then they saw my face and knew)

  7. omg this is so random but as of now there are 1956 comments which means this is going to be the 1957th comment which was the release year of „funny face“! idk why but that made me so happy…

  8. Though pink is still seen as feminine, I definitely have to admit that women don't wear that much pink anymore

  9. WHY THE F. DOES IT SAY "Eisenhower won the Second World War"????????! Ummmmm helloooooooooooooooooooooooo. How about the Soviet Union?? :l

  10. I feel like vox answers the question but still I have not have a greater insight of how pink became the colour for women. Am liking the video but not really liking for the lack of information ie how it was generalised, any process that went with it. Its only surface driven.


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