Guitar Chords for Beginners – Dm7

How to play an open Dm7 (D minor 7) chord
This lesson is from our series “Guitar Chords for Beginners”
In this series you’ll learn easy guitar chords to help you learn how to play guitar.

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The open Dm7 (D minor 7) chord is a very useful chord to learn as a beginner

Beginner chords you should learn first:
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Am guitar chord

D Major guitar chord

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Em7 (1) guitar chord

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Bm7 guitar chord

Dm guitar chord

In case you were wondering:
*A chord is a group of notes (typically three or more) played simultaneously
*An open chord is a chord played in the first three frets of the guitar and usually includes at least one open string
*An open string is a string that you don’t fret (push down) but let ring out (in standard tuning the open strings are 6th: E, 5th: A, 4th: D, 3rd: G, 2nd: B, 1st: E

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12 thoughts on “Guitar Chords for Beginners – Dm7”

  1. Hey, everyone, hello! Help me please! 😇 Dm7 = F chord? I have seen a video where a man explained 2 ways of using F chord and one of them was exactly like this. I am confused…

  2. I'm frustrated because I can't press the b and e string properly. It just sounds so bad that I get frustrated and angry. My finger already hurts. How do I make it sound better? I'm desperate.

  3. I feel so clever right now.i made alil riff earlier and I was sure I was playing a dm7 except on was playing it barred from the a string and it sounds lovely with the same shape on the 10th fret I'm not certain what chord it is but taking away that added 7th I believe *probably taking crap*sounds jazzy.


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