Going on an Adventure with a naked | RUST SOLO SURVIVAL

Hey guys it’s LittleBHD here again 😀 Hope you enjoy today’s content!

I upload mostly RUST content due to its addiction its unleashed on me but yeah if you want to see some other content on my channel just leave me a comment somewhere or start a discusssion 🙂


Recorded on Shadowplay, edited with Adobe Premier PRO.

Monitor | Samsung ? 27″ and a 18″ 2nd monitor
Headphones | sony MDR-XB950AP
Mouse | Chinese yeah man
Keyboard | mouses bruda
Microphone | Blue Yeti i know /:
Webcam | Logitech c920 HD

Nguồn: https://gekimoe.org/

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13 thoughts on “Going on an Adventure with a naked | RUST SOLO SURVIVAL”

  1. So happy to see a new video from you bro, saw Irish kill you a few times in some of his vids. I was upset, lol.


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