Fishing for Salmon SOLO in Pacific Ocean BRIGHT PINK MEAT

Alone on a boat in the Pacific Ocean. Don’t get much more free than that! Going for Wild and planted King Salmon aka Chinook Salmon off of Northern California. Wanted to fish near shore but word of a hot bite had me change plans.

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45 thoughts on “Fishing for Salmon SOLO in Pacific Ocean BRIGHT PINK MEAT”

  1. Thats a giant salmon and you kbnow from my experience on filleting salmon fish most of what people eats in the market is farmed salmons thats why i love to see people do some fishing and get really coll salmons…i have that on my videos.

  2. catch on the retrieve, while still trolling = trolling too slow. good catches, brother! we call the little ones Jack springs.

  3. Man cool channel! I'm assuming YT recommended after watching Rokkitkit here down under, loving your content!
    Mate you gotta look after number one though., you need to hook up your dead man switch every time you're underway, consider bobbing about while your duck carries on without you. love your work, keep it up!

  4. Bro, love the channel but you dont need to bonk fish, bleed fish, or any of that shit. Just throw them in the cooler they will die without the caveman stuff

  5. And also try not using red for chinook . They dont like it . Reds are for cohos and pinks . Try using some green , purple , and maybe blue . Cop cars always work . And some green and yellow will always kill those springers !

  6. Try using flashers and downriggers if you have the chance . Also ive been using skinny Gs and caught some of the best fish . 19 pounders 18 and a couple 17 pounders . Won my first derby aswell . Try using some teaser heads a gibbs spoon .


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