DIY CD DVD Resurfacing for Cheap | BeatTheBush

3M Rubbing Compound:
Sand Paper 1500-2500 grit:
Better to use 3000-7000 grit:

Fix a scratched disc by sanding and polishing the surface using sandpaper and plastic polishing techniques. This technique does the same thing as a resurfacer but costs less than $15 total.

Use a microfiber cloth instead of the paper towel I used for better results. If you don’t have any, get some here:

With those items, you can probably fix 200 discs AND restore some head lights as well!

*Note* Bluray discs only have about 100um of hard coating and sanding it may not be a good idea.

*Update 5/12/2016*
Gamecube discs are small DVDs, this method will work with it.
Blue Playstation discs are CDs, this method will work with it. .

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46 thoughts on “DIY CD DVD Resurfacing for Cheap | BeatTheBush”

  1. Cheap, yeah, the sandpaper costs about 5-6 bucks and the rubbing compound another 5-6 bucks. Yes you can reuse them, but a skip dr seems way easier, faster and works most of the time.

  2. This seemed to have absolutely destroyed my two discs I tested from ever working again. I mean it got it perfectly smooth, but there's a thick, thick haze between the data and the surface that will absolutely not go away no matter what I do, it's like an absolute nightmare situation, lol.
    probably Turtle wax's fault I mean my brother's a car guy and he said that stuff is "absolute garbage"

  3. My 3rd disk of LA Noire is scratched, but only enough that I can't play one side mission to achieve 100%completion

  4. i like this video special that he sayed what grit he uses
    even the last step making the cd super smooth again is included, polishing the cd

  5. I just tried this on an old Xbox call of duty disc. Was skeptical. Had to really rub the polish in. Tried a couple of times. But the last time I really tried to polish the disc as shiny as possible. Did not look as good as a new game disc but popped it in and the game installed. Thank you so much for your video!!!

  6. Using an Xbox 360 disc, console isn’t trying to read disc after a moment of trying others work. Also after several resurfacing attempts i now have a ring of compound around the middle of the disc. Am I doing anything wrong?

  7. Hey I could use some help. I do the wet sanding all the way up
    To applying the rubbing compound but I can’t get the disc to look clear and refreshed again, even after the rubbing compound the disc now just looks a bit foggy from
    The sanding.

    Can anyone help? What am I missing. Thank tou

  8. I tried this on 4 games: 3 PS1 games and a PS2 game and sadly it didn't work. The games couldn't be read. Is it possible to redo the process and get them to potentially work?

  9. This would really help that guy who found a CD case holder with nothing but GameCube games all scratched up and unreadable

  10. I just bought the compound and the better sandpaper. Do I still use the same instructions as you used with the regular sandpaper? Do I have to use the different grits more than once?

  11. Hi, I have tried the technique shown in your video and it did not work at all, I ended up resurfacing my disc 10 times, before realizing that it simply wasn't working. Now my disc which wasn't in a great condition to begin with, is literal garbage. So thank you for wasting my time I guess! I used 1000-5000 grit sandpaper and rubbing compound, and I have done it in the exact the same way as you did in your video. Still I hope you'll be able to give some advice on why it did not work for me. (Done it on a gamecube game)

  12. I have a lot of movies on dvd, i have come to realize the scratch has to be reaaaly bad to throw away a disc however even some small scratches can stop a disc from playing properly until they are addressed,something else Ive noticed that's weird, i have DVDs that will skip and stop on my computer and play flawlessly on my Sony DVD fullsize player, why is that?

  13. U said its recommended to use 3000 – 7000 grit. Would I have to start all the way from 1000 grit and progress to 7000, so that i don't have to do multiple tries like you said in the video? U said it took u 3 tries, until it worked.

  14. In my situation i've got a ps2 disc with a lot of scratches. If you notice scratches on the front side of the disc (the side with the graphic print on it, which in my case is Simpsons Hit and Run) what should you do about that?

  15. I've done it! After scratching a disc way too hard on concrete, it now works again (after about 7 or 8 tries). I ended up skipping the 800 grit for the final go around.

    Did 1500, 2000, 3000. The key is to really wipe off every bit of excess from the disc several times in the process. Every stage of sanding, I wiped about 2 times. After the final sanding, I used window cleaner to get rid of any particals before going to rubbing compound. I made sure my towel was free of all debris and did the compound cycle 3 times (rubbing really hard). Then I finished it off with windex and boom.

    Thanks again for the video and subsequent advice!

  16. I want to use this method on a very special section of my game collection (about 10 discs). They all work already but from the looks of them, they shouldn't, and I don't know how long before they may freeze. So I want to give them a nice fresh look. I decided to trash a cheap disc ($1) just as you did in the video (not recommended, but I wanted to see if it worked on worst case). I used slightly different grits and I cannot get it to work at all (wii game in a wii U). It tells me an error occured and to remove disc and shutoff system. The grits I use are:


    And then I follow it up with Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound.

    My problem is that even after doing this process about 5 times, from start to finish, it still doesn't have a "shiny" finish. If I look at it in the light, I can see circular scratches all over.

    I'm wondering if the 3M Rubbing Compound shines it to a mirror finish if you compare it to a fresh disc, or if you can still see light scratches throughout the disc (I cannot tell in the video). I opted for Turtle Wax because I could not find 3M locally. I did do about 5 cycles in a row after all this of JUST the rubbing compound to get it to shine more. It barely improved but now there is a few scratches that "stick out" that weren't there before my compound shining attempts.

    Any advice you can lay on me? I'm aware that 800 is a bit rough to start, but it is what I already had. Plus, I think I roughed it up a bit much on the concrete floor.

  17. I buy and sell a lot of video games online, he is doing the right way, i did everything else- nothing works. just use your bananas to make a banana sundae, or make a fruit salad!

  18. I just make my discs foggy and scratched up!! Help me!! What am i doing wrong?? It feels like I'm ALMOST getting it right…


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