Dark Souls Games Ranked – Worst To Best!

Ranking Dark Souls Games from my least favorite to my most favorite one…

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46 thoughts on “Dark Souls Games Ranked – Worst To Best!”

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  2. In my Opinion I’d say DS2 is the best. I love how their are different Enemy’s and move sets for enemy’s for NG+ and how the game is so open like DS1! I love the unique weapons and power stances to dual wield 2 Greatswords!!!!!! I know it was hard to one up DS1 but it was an amazing game.

  3. Which one do you recommend I try first I've played bloodboorne but I've never tryed a dark souls game any suggestions?

  4. DS2 is a little of a let down after playing the first one too many enemies for no good reason lazy boss design weird weapon durability nearly everything is toxic or deals curse damage for some reason sometimes i feel like quitting from boredom at a highly intense game which is weird

  5. played the 2nd game first. a couple of times actually, after which completed the 3rd two times. then replayed the 2nd one and realized its a bit better- 3rd's levels are absolute garbage, even though the rest (bosses, lore) are quite on par if not better than the other titles. then i played 1st game… it just blows the other titles out of the water. in the entire series bosses are kind of hit or miss, each game has some amazing ones (OnS for 1st, Looking Glass Knight for 2nd and Dragon Slayer Armor for 3rd; btw bosses in all DLCs are just top-notch), but in general the three games are equal in this respect. the rest, though- level design, lore, atmosphere, all of that is way, way, WAY better in the 1st DS

  6. Exactly…i agree with you👍👍👍👍👍👍👍….ds2 is a good game but isnt a good souls game…..and ds and ds3 is hondreds miles betyer than ds2……

  7. To me ds3 is the best for actual beginner's who never touched a souls game,and of course if were not counting for beginner's ds3 is still the best to me

    The fluidness and movement of your character feels better than that of ds 1 and 2

    In my opinion the titanite upgrade system is the easiest to understand regular weapons (normal titanite), weapons with special effects(twinkling titanite) and boss weapons(titanite scale) while to get a weapon to their max level you just need a titanite slab understood this as soon as I saw each weapon type, and also if you infuse your weapons with any infusion you dont need special titanite like ds1 which to me was confusing to understand

    Weapons dont break at all you can just rest a bonfire and bam fully repaired unlike ds1 and 2 super annoying to always focus on your weapons durability

    The direction you are supposed to go is like a straight tree with some minor branches on it like the deacons of the deep, when ds1 map is like a dot with a bunch of lines around it with a lot of branches on it, same with ds2

    They let you travel between bonfire at the start which is in ds2 as well but nvm that, when I played ds1 remaster(ds3 is my first souls game btw) when I learned I couldnt teleport between bonfire I was like what the hell, and learned to be able to teleport I must defeat ornstein and smough and talk to gwenevere to be able to teleport I was disappointed, another bad thing about that is that if a beginner level character manages to go into the tomb of giants first bonfire without teleport they are fcked because wheel skeletons and anyone who's ever played against ds1 wheel skeletons they already know what I'm talking about

  8. I think the trilogy was amazing
    Dark Souls 1: It was the first souls game I played and it was the most nostalgic for me. I think it was the best of all.
    Dark Souls 2: It’s atmosphere and visuals are great. A true medival atmosphere and with the voicing and music I almost called it a horror game. Unfortunately this game would be even better with better lighting.
    Dark Souls 3: The most fun to play. Has fast movement and the gothic atmosphere and design is great. The NPC questlines were on a whole another level.

  9. I never played a dark souls game but I’m thinking of getting one, which one should I get cuz I’m looking for a decently hard one w great bosses

  10. My personal list

    5. Dark Souls 2: 5/10
    4. Bloodborne: 8/10
    3. Dark Souls 3: 9/10
    2. Demon's Souls: 9/10
    1. Dark Souls: 10/10

    Also there are people who would put Dark Souls 2 as their number 1, and those who put Dark Souls 3 as the worst, so don't get mad just because I have Bloodborne in 4th place, this is my opinion. I still like all of them, even Dark Souls 2 sometimes.

  11. Hi, I'm considering getting dark souls as there is a sale on steam rn. Which game is best for beginners who aren't trying to stress but at the same time looking for a challenge?

  12. The first souls I played was DS3. I liked it, is an awesome game. But, for some reason, I didn't like the map and the zones. I don't know why

  13. I finished bloodborne, sekiro, and ds2. Just got ds1 remastered and ds3. They are all hard in different ways. Sekiro it was the high skill bosses, ds2 was the unfair areas or bullshit bosses. And bloodborne was a neutral mix

  14. DS1 — buy the portable upgrade & repair sets for bonfires. I did that without thinking twice and never did much backtracking.

    I went to the tomb of giants before blight town. The sense of wanting to turn back is like losing sight of land over the horizon.

    It makes the game world feel far larger than it is, almost unending, and wanting to turn back and not risk losing those souls you’ve collected.

    Fast travel is… well… fast travel. Investing into reaching an area is part of the challenge, and reward. Exploration is that much more important while you’re there.

    There are enough shortcuts that it’s fairly quick to maneuver around the map, and the valley of drakes could have achieved this just as well.

  15. Ds1 overrated
    Ds 2 underrated
    But personally I think ds 3 is the best. Ds 1 and 2 are pretty much the same, OK ds1 might be higher by a millimetre or so but I think people are hating ds2 for no actual reason

  16. Just got the $85 Dark Souls 3 Bundle for $15, im excited to get into it, i've never played a Dark Souls game ever before

  17. I remember getting Dark Souls Remastered and just didn't know how the game worked. I died so much on my first try, not from bosses, but from gank enemies and always slipping off ledges. My second time though, I truly got to appreciate what Dark Souls taught me in game and how to improve on. It'd be my top Souls game.

    I've only played DSR & DS2: SOtFS, so I really can't give my opinions on the third game, but I might love it, considering how much of a dissapointment DS2: SOtFS was for me when I played it after DSR. It felt like a huge dump in stupid amounts of unreasonable difficulty and constant need to one-up the original, not knowing what made the original so special. Maybe DS3 might be the one for me.

  18. Dark Souls 2 is much longer than Dark Souls 3 my man. You got stuck for a while on a few bosses I get that (DS3 has the best bosses) but DS2 is looong with 30+ bosses (41 with DLC)

  19. Tbh I really enjoy ds2 and I think that is currently my favorite, ds3 and ds remastered are great but just a notch below first for me because of how easy you can make it. Example: I used a +5 Black Knight Greatsword on a strength build and only died to the Taurus demon and the stray demon, everything else was a cakewalk. Ds2 can be cheesed also with strength or magic but there is so much variety it almost feels as if you’re missing out on a whole different game if you don’t explore this variety.

  20. Bosses are like, Just one aspect of the game. And for me with games, its the Journey, Not the destination. 3 had too many bonfires and recycled areas and NPCs. Definitely has the best Bosses and Graphics but thats about it. 1 is legendary but has by far thee worst NG+ of the 3 (losing all your embers/ blacksmiths and happening automatically). Literally my only complaint of 2 was the bosses. As an all round package I feel like 2 is the best cos it does the most things right. Has best DLC, Is the Most Replayable, Best NG+, Best hub area, Underrated Lore, Introduced great mechanics like stat reset/Power stance, Has best diversity of builds and the PVP is the best. DS2 also has the best Fashion Souls and if you join the Company of Champions and use Bonfire Ascetics, Dark Souls 2 is By far the hardest game of the series


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